Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magickal Prayer Candles

This was an autumn magickal candle sitting next is a little autumn spirit doll

I love making prayer candles so much ! Mostly because they each burn so very uniquely .
When making prayer /spell candles it is best to use natural items you can find locally .
Also try if you can to use beeswax , soy or other more environmentally friendly candles instead of petroleum based ones if you can .
Again I use these candles for all occasions .
depending on the moon phase and what the intent is .
Candles can be used for protection , banishing , healing , love , etc.

So once again I collect all my ingredients .
This may take place over a whole week as I pray about my intentions etc. items will call me  on what their energy is and what is best to use for those intentions .
grind up all ingredients

mix with holy water , salt & oil

I like to inscribe symbols on my candle . almost always a pentacle within a circle &  often a cross
then names or animals etc.
I then bath the candle which is like a ritual in itself as I often pray as I'm doing this

once the candle is coated top to bottom with your magickal mixture place in your holder . I use wet clay in my holder to hold it in good so it doesn't tip over .
I also often cut a doorway round the candle but one must always always remember to close this doorway as well . also if you are doing a banishing spell be certain you say a prayer of protection for no evil to enter into this sacred area .

I have several altars and chose which one is best suited for the intent etc.

Often I will place a photo if I have one of the loved one I am praying for .
I do not usually do large candles but my ex passed away ( father to my eldest )and I felt he needed 3 days of prayerful guidance .
So I purchased this big beeswax candle .

It burned exactly three days and was one of the most prayerful beautiful candles thus far .

Magickal Prayer Bundles

I love this photo !
So Magickal prayer/spell bundles , what are they ?
Little bundles of powerful goodness ☺
 as if my candles & sticks weren't enough ;-)
Now I use these a few times per month just as I do the candles .
I've made them for my own personal prayer/spells and also as gifts for others.
The one above I used palms from palm Sunday to wrap up the bundle and pure wool to tie it up .
The point with prayer bundles like with anything else I make for my prayerful intent is to use the most natural ingredients and preferably homegrown ingredients you have locally .

collect fresh things if you can and now that it is autumn we also harvest & dry things to use over winter months

I of course did not have any more palms but I do have an abundance of birch bark which is wonderful for wrapping . If you live in the city you could always buy corn husks or banana leaves to use for wrapping .
I place within the bundle items which are used for whatever I am praying for or spell casting .
This was a bundle for my sil birthday gift . I set a lily on a bed of moss for gentle love and a few other things for abundance

I grind dry ingredients up

and then blend in with wet

I found that shells are a good vessel to hold the mixture I place inside the bundle

again I use different things for different magickal purpose

some bundles have been for the return of true love

while others have been for banishing

I then throw the bundle on the fire and recite the incantation .
That's it nothing fancy nor expensive just your time & creative energy .

Spiritual Bathing

I love tubs !
Lol anyone who knows me I'm a tub gal not a shower gal .
The tub is such a healing place for me and for children can be such a simple form of entertainment.
However the tub can also be a spiritual/ magickal tool as well.
Many a wonderful meditation I've had while in the tub . My former  spiritual director told me why wouldn't it be one of the best places to connect with the divine . Your alone and your totally naked !
exactly how you were created in the raw !
so spiritual bathing is something I do as a ritual for cleansing or protection , healing etc.
I find a calling to do this often after praying for the banishing & protection prayers/ spells for others . As well as also when praying for souls who have passed on .
Our skin is our biggest organ and just as in medically we can bath to heal this is also a great way to spiritually cleanse the whole self .
If we are able to pass on healing , protection to others we are also capable of taking on things from others and if we don't cleanse ourselves that crud can build up , leaving us sluggish , drained and of poor spirit .
I steep my herbs , trees etc. in boiled water for 20min .
today I used pine for protection , juniper for purification . rowan for clearing my spiritual being and nettle because I really needed a good green dose of nutrients .

I then strain the mixture into the tub discarding it to the compost afterwards.

run water and add any essential oils you may like .
I added patchouli as well because I really have been feeling a need to connect with the element of earth lately and that scent is so earthy to me .
I asked the element of water to cleanse & purify me with this healing waters
and also the element of earth to helped me to remain well rooted so as to have focus on what lies ahead .
I also have arthritis so a really hot tub is so soothing for me .This tub really did the trick .I've done a done of banishing it seems the past two weeks and felt really disoriented and drained , lack of direction .
So now I know my week ahead looks more clear to me and I am refreshed .
happy tubbing to you !

do it anyway ~ the Heathen ~ christopagan

Did I say how much I love my spiritual life ☺ ? how I love and embrace my witchy self.
I won't make this a long post but just sort of wanted to post words of encouragement for those who may also have a strong belief and may feel you are persecuted , shunned perhaps mocked for it.
 The paradoxical commandments by Kent M. Kieth so loved by Mother Teresa came into my mind yet again.
To be ones self we must be prepared to do it anyway ☺
To have the inner strength to perhaps follow a path less traveled but a very ancient path non the less .
those who follow my other blogs know already my spiritual self pretty much .
Spirituality is a never ending voyage .
To be a Heathen ~ a common person ~ christo pagan etc. is what I am finding is all I can be to remain whole .
I also have found such support here online by many soul felt friends .
 I have also had some very hate felt people write to me when I would share my nature base spiritual practices.
This at times would send me into a slump. Although knowing one is not evil nor bad believing is often a different state which is from the heart not just the mind .
I must say at times my response is to retreat to feel badly and in the process only cause damage to myself.
I have seen and felt this hate from christian and pagan peoples for in the end a hate felt heart is merely a reflection of who that person is not their religion or culture .
For myself being christopagan is the belief that the divine has manifested ~ revealed self to all peoples .
Here lies true balance . well centered . in the middle .
All meets in One .
I just can't believe in faeries and not Jesus .
Believe in Jesus and not Kali .
There are quite a few books & websites on christopaganism .
I see there are many Christo pagans all over the world be they Aztec, Cree or Roma .
I find we are living in a selfish time where people want to separate and segregate others .
People wish to label others as not pagan or not truly christian .
Are we not all given the gift to accept that Creator is capable of manifesting to each individual at any given time in any form .All that is asked is that one be open .
There are many cultures where the religious practice was to take on the gods/goddess of other cultures conquered etc. is it not so that many accepted Jesus just as they accepted any other god .
There many people the Druids who do this , Lakota , Mayan etc.
some do not believe Jesus was/ is a god and that's okay just as many do not believe in the Sidhe .
Honestly there is one thing we all are given and that is the gift of belief . to freely believe or not believe .
A few yrs ago I attended a pagan gathering , it was strange to be in a group of all pagans and to hear the main topic of discussion on how they are all persecuted and victims by those nasty christians lol !
they were no different than a right wing fanatical christian group who say Jesus hates you.
 I realize that we will at times face persecution throughout our lives what is important is how we respond .
maybe 23 yrs ago I had a friend who said she was a witch , she was mocked by others some of whom are now pagan or so called witches. you see she had the strength to be whom she was when no one else around her was . She was being true to self. Don't get me wrong some of us have a hard time coming open unless having the group support to back us up yet some follow just because it is the cool thing at the moment .
About 15 yrs ago I was asked to join a circle of women , wiccan women . I went once but I never considered myself wiccan . I felt much more at home with aboriginal culture etc. brought up with . I also saw the 3 friends of mine doing this all hated men and it was in fact what they used wicca for was to support their hatred of men rather than getting counsel for the abuse suffered by people who just happened to be male .
To this day these women are not healed and very controlling and hate felt towards men . all the men in their lives are those who can be manipulated and abused .
So of all my friends who claim to be witches I truly feel there is only one because she is truly herself she does not use her religion to be cool , to hide pain etc. rather it helps her deal with any suffering that comes up in a real and true way .
I guess I feel so blessed to always have had such great strong women in my life to encourage my spiritual growth be it my grandmother , friends or role models like Jeannine Parvati Baker or
 Susun Weed true goddesses themselves ☺
I think how my grandmother called herself a christian yet she also is the one who instilled the beleif of faery , gnomes and such in me .
How many christian witches were tortured & killed .
I look back in history and how certain saints had they been born a hundred yrs. later would've been declared witch !
 I have a third nipple & a mongolian birth mark as 3 of our children also do . I think if it were 300 yrs ago those hate felt people writing me now may in fact be capable of doing a lot more sinister things to myself , friends and family !
You know I joined project pagan enough a few yrs back . I was so excited about it a project to encourage the pagan community not to judge each other on if one is pagan enough or not .Just like within muslim or christian communities the pagan community is full of this .
Then came the post ! Bashing the christian witch ! yes Lol ! the same people who began project pagan enough had a whole post dedicated to saying how the chirtian witch was not pagan enough !
I thought to myself who do they think passed on many of these pagan customs , beliefs in the first place no doubt in my mind many a tradition & knowledge was passed down by christian cunning folk  witches etc. !
What is wrong with the world when we have the time to label each other not good enough not catholic or pagan enough ?
Honestly there are so many homeless people need our help at soup kitchens , volunteers needed for breakfast and after school programs . Help exploited children instead of being vengeful to someone who is just trying to find their way along a spiritual path .
I thought of the catholic lady who told me encouraging others in a religion other than a christian one is sinful & blasphemy . well Mother Teresa did it all the time encouraging mosques & temples to be built . attending ceremony at other places of worship , she had new age personal consultants etc.
 she did it anyway !
I also forgot to mention that I joined a christianpagan fellowship group on fb and it is so amazingly supportive . So many really beautiful people there and I'm so grateful to have that community right now .
 so I encourage you read your bible , use your tarot , pray the triple goddess rosary or the marian one .
Be open to what is given and the humility and strength to be real .

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Party !

Yes it is time for that wonderful blog party !
I hope you all have been having fun visiting all our magickal friends ☺
So this morning I started off the day by my fire of course ;-) but after that it was time for

Cactus pancakes !!!

Do you remember the pancake scene in the movie ?
Mr. dreamy .
Did I ever tell you my dh is mr. dreamy ?
really he does not have two different colored eyes but they change colour !
Yes ! when he is happy and confident his eyes are a beautiful shiny blue .
when he is sad and discouraged his eyes are grey .
and when he is a smart ass his eyes are always green !
Did I also tell you that dh and I met 3 times in our lives before we ever went out or knew each other ?
Yes I met him first long ago when we were kids just randomly on a beach we were about 9yo I of course was there as my family is from there but his family isn't they were just visiting his aunt & uncle who have a cottage there so it was totally a fluke . anyway I won't go on about my mr. dreamy .

I think my cacti got much better as I went along ☺

so I even made You one ! I thought you'd prefer wild blueberry ☺

with rose syrup yum yum

 I set a table for You too
This table cloth once belonged to my great Auntie Sophie just like Sally & Jillian I have had great mentors in my magickal life ☺

Did I say that practical magic is my all time fav movie ? when it came out I just loved it .
I did not like the book lol which is totally odd for me not to like a book .
I did however love the book

Garden spells is by one of my fav authors now and I found her via the Practical Magic Blog party last year lol !
Like Practical magic it is also a story of magic in the everyday life , sisters , abusive situations and true love

the subject of magical sisters.
I too have a soul sister

For just as Sally had Jillian
I too had J my anam cara .

I in fact  cannot believe how similar my sister and I are to both sisters in this movie & the book !
Like Sally in the story I too have dark dark brown hair  am drawn to outdoorsey ways , making herbal magickal cakes , shampoos etc. and found my true love my dh .
J always has strawberry blonde hair and is a strawberry prairie girl if ever there was one .
She is wild and goes like the wind fast fast fast ! she unlike me loves the city and feels her most magickal when wth lots of people .
Often drawn to a more draker side than I'd take a risk to do.
and just like in the movie practical magic and the book garden spells there is an abuser

remember him ? many women fall for a Johnny Angelov
my anam cara did .
I had to let her go sow her wild oats just as Sally did Jillian
yet I believe everything happens for a reason for whatever the reason we are meant to be apart
it does not mean I do not pray for her safety & return .
I feel her so close yet so far .
I was hoping Mabon would be the time we could meet in the middle but it appears not be so just yet .

This is absolutely my most fav scene in the whole movie the magickal magickal scene and it is so very beautiful all those flower petals floating upwards !
so my spell for the evening is one where I am asking for the return of my anam cara , my soul sister J .

I first picked many flower petals

and with a few sacred trees for good measure I mixed them all up

I used some of the mixture for making a candle

which I burned for her today

isn't it pretty
I'm saving the rest of the mix for my special spell releasing them above me into the night sky ☺
and calling upon Herne protector and hunter bringer of abundance  to help keep her safe return her to me . The great horned god has been coming to me a lot lately .
I've no doubt we will be reunited at some point .

Did I mention we have a witchy house too
well it is not quite as grand but it is 100 something yrs old and it like the Owen's house is a witchy one .

wow that was alot wasn't .
So now what ?

Midnight Margaritas !

we've got the blender

wonderful basket of limes !

Oh and I almost forgot cream puffs with caramel sauce ☺

so come on sisters lets party !

Cheers !!
may all your magickal wishes come true
lov Rox