Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dream Gypsy Dream !

Today is the day ! The day of the Gypsy blog party !
special Thanks to Celia for hosting this event !
What a treat she has created for us !!
I wish I could shower this post with sparkles for you but I'm not a computer whiz ;-)
I did make something special for You though .
That which flickers and dances in the wind yet remains steady.

A candle , a magic candle !
a candle to bring true abundance
if you like you may make up your own prayer/ spell to go along or say this little rhyme
Lord , Lady & Spirit three
bless true abundance upon me
may this Gypsy dream take flight
and bring true wishes in the night .
true abundance falls from stars
when true intent is mine & yours.
this I wish for you
so mote it be

I made the candle yesterday to light today .
You can make one too if you like .
Just use the items you have on hand on spice shelf or in your garden etc.
it is easy breezy to do.
pictures follow below

first collect your dry ingredients , I used lavender, rose, geranium both pink & red , my great Gramma's shamrock ( for the luck of the Irish ☺ )and ivy to bind .

I then have oil, salt & water

dump dry into wet

mix it all up .It turned a gorgeous purple colour

I inscribe symbols on my candle first with a needle for that which I am asking for .
I then coat the candle with the mixture .
see how the pretty petals all dried on .

I am having my gal pals over later tonight for our full moon gathering so I've decorated our space in a gypsy theme .

There will be fire .
I often scry with fire or water
lately the fire seems to have had some difficulty in starting , as if somehow apprehensive , yet once burning she is smooth ans steady never out of control .

I decided to turn my sacred space a little Gypsy for the night

my cousin gave me these lovely flowing pieces of fabric sometime ago and I pulled them out and threw them up.
lol clothes pins come in handy don't they ;-)

I set my bible

tarot , holy water , oil & salt out overnight as I usually do with the growing of the moon

I set one of my little candles out on the tea table .
I make these and they are scented with essential oils and then I add dried flowers to them

I've set up this little tea table thinking perhaps I'll try the tea cup reading thing !
If you want to come back in a few hrs then I'll try and have a few more photos up of the tea leaves etc.

I also want to have a little me time today which means I am going to finish off the trilogy of The Faery Chronicles !
I also am going to make some type of yummy gypsy stew and craving that chili chocolate so that is also going to be a must later in the day .
So that's it for now my gypsy sisters !
for now anyway there is always more to come as the day is still young .
till we meet again donning twirly skirts and dancing with the moonlight !
and again Thanks Sister Celia !
Have Fun !


  1. Thank you! I feel so blessed by your prayer/spell. You are a blessed child of the Lord and Lady whose Spirit shines. May the road rise up to meet you and all your gypsy dreams come true!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful post....magical Gypsy Dreams! I wish I could come over and join you for your full moon gathering!! Thank you so much for participating!!

  3. i just love this post!!! what a lovely full moon party! wish i were there! so lovely!

  4. I love your post! I can almost smell the wonderful fragrance from your magical candle. Thank you for the lovely spell and for sharing your gypsy space, and many gypsy blessings for your full moon gathering!


  5. I had so much fun ! still visting all the gypsy party blog too , can't get enough Gypsy lol !

  6. all 3 of your gypsy posts are awesome! thank for sharing.:)
    I have a question though. I'm very NEW on my Neo-pagan path. But as a pagan, would one use the holy bible? I saw it out on your table. it is confusing to me.
    be well and be blessed,