Monday, September 12, 2011

fire, tea & tarot

I apologize I've taken a few days to post my other photos from the gypsy party night .
as mentioned earlier I try and have a fullmoon night each month for my gal pals , although I also always have my own personal night too .
I can't remembered if I mentioned it before or not but I have a coven ! we don't really call it a coven but that is in fact what it is.
maybe I'll post about that andhow it came to be at a later date .
my /our coven is called The Womb of Willow ☺
over the summer months I did not have our gatherings as people just are not around . So this was my first attempt to get the gals together .
well only my sil Summer was able to attend but it was lovely .
dare I say I forgot to take a photo of her lol I'm sure she is happy I didn't as she is camera shy just like her brother my dh.
by the way chili chocolate smores are awesome !
so at about 7pm I changed I decided on a light East Indian skirt instead of the one I first thought I'd wear . see my arm I put on all my purple bangles ! and also the silver turquoise necaklace my little grandson made for me .

as I said there would be fire ! I had brought willow , grapevine & cedar as kindling to start the fire

it was a really hot night after a day of 31c temps but a fire is still nice .Summer and I talked about how once we are out on our land ( dh & I purchased 160acres this spring ) and living we will actually have space to dance round a fire !

once dark it is truly magical !

I decided to do my tarot . now tarot is not my personal choice for divination I tend to like to work with more earthy natural things such as fire , water , air & earth but when I do tarot I use this trad deck , I guess I'm just old fashioned .
I prayed a little about what I was concernded about . I decided to ask what I'd been meditating on the last few days. That of my business. I want to get it up and going again .Yet I've felt this strong call that I am to partner up. Not with just anyone but a woman and that woman is to be a close friend .
So first I lay the two cards which represent she & I . Then I pulled just one card . I feel I tend to get to lost doing a full cross spread and it is much easier for me to pull one card . so what did I pull ?

The 6 of pentacles !!
who is , yes a merchant !
the merchant handing out evenly and to the lesser than . the poor . balance . giving . sharing .
so I'm taking this as an affirmation I'm on the right track ☺

then the tea ! in my chalice ;-)
I did not have loose black tea and Itend to love fruity flowery tea anyway so that is what I chose .
my cousin sent me this awesome tea the brand is excellent ! I think it is very gypsiesque !
so I am not a tea reader lol first off it looked like a bunch of floating planets to me
however after I took a sip I did see a shark or a stingray swimming up to the top . can you see him , sort of on the righthand side ?

once finished all I could think of was ferngully lol , it certainly does go with my everything Fey fettish I've been on lately ;-) I have no idea what the meaning is but I feel the sense of going deeper into the forest in the land of Fey .
what do you see ?

okay I took a few videos because photos just could not capture the whole aura of the night .

this was the first video I took before it got dark . the statue of great horned god is a beautiful piece of red diamond willow I brought home for Mabon .I sanded and oiled him and placed him in the garden ☺

then I shot this one once dark , you can see my little gypsy dog jojo ( nope she is not psyhic lol )

then lastly I took a shot of this crazy candle who just really wanted to dance and jump out of the container !


  1. this was awesome! Best of luck with your future endeavor!

  2. What great photos!

    Sweet gypsy dreams,