Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

What a great start to my new blog than to partake in a party !
 I truely hope I can pull it off ;-)
I usually have my gal pals over for full moon night but maybe I'll try and do it on the 10th instead ☺
 This Gypsy blog party hosted by Gypsy Dreams  looks like so much fun and frankly just what I needed for my coming out / returning to self blog opening ☺
So if you would like to take part just click on the pic above or the link on my sidebar .
Gypsy fun has begun !


  1. Welcome to the Gypsy Dreams blog party! I look forward to seeing you around the campfire! You can also visit me at my "real" blog at

  2. Hi Rox! Hooray, new blog! I just started following. ;) I have been missing from blog world for a couple months, and am now catching up on everything I've missed. I'll be back on the 10th for your Gypsy blog party! xx