Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Life

Lol ! I guess I wasn't done !
I totally forgot to post that I am also watching that all time awesome movie Latcho Drom !
Which You too can watch online at several locations !
I love this movie and my fav part is right at the beginning .
The people of Rajasthan  .I love this music and dance so much .
I do have heritage from this region as well as connection via Lebanese & German heritage .
as a child my parents would always say to me when my spirit was wild & free that they would sell me to the Gypsies Lol
this put no fear in me what so ever , instead I wondered when they would come for me ☺
wishing and hoping that I would finally have a people I would fit in with a people like myself full of such strong passion .
when you go over to Celia's blog  be sure to go to the right sidebar and click on the links of
 fellow bloggers who are also partaking in this wonderful party !
If You really want a taste of the true and real Gypsy Life please go over to Her Grace  as she has the most awesome post about Gypsy Life , Tradition & Culture .She was blessed to attend the Rom Festival in France and it is such an awesome beautiful experience we ar so blessed she is sharing with us ☺
I forgot to mention I am also bringing out our mandolin , guitar & fiddle for tonight . I am hoping dh will play for us ;-)
Today I am also putting on music by Gypsy Kings , Stephane Grappelli , Django Reinhardt
to get in the spirit of Gypsy .also as I mentioned before I am going to try out the tea reading thing for now if you like you can check out my cousin's tea reading website if you like !


  1. Lol! I do hope you will also post pictures of your gathering!! I'm so glad that you joined us!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favourite music and I hope your gypsy spirit always remains free.

    frith and wishes
    J x

  3. Lovely clips. I love gypsy music. I haven't seen the first clip before, so that is great. I love the dancind and the clothing, so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing !!

  4. Thank You all forvisting me ! I'm enjoying sharing and learning so much along the gyspy journey !