Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Party !

Yes it is time for that wonderful blog party !
I hope you all have been having fun visiting all our magickal friends ☺
So this morning I started off the day by my fire of course ;-) but after that it was time for

Cactus pancakes !!!

Do you remember the pancake scene in the movie ?
Mr. dreamy .
Did I ever tell you my dh is mr. dreamy ?
really he does not have two different colored eyes but they change colour !
Yes ! when he is happy and confident his eyes are a beautiful shiny blue .
when he is sad and discouraged his eyes are grey .
and when he is a smart ass his eyes are always green !
Did I also tell you that dh and I met 3 times in our lives before we ever went out or knew each other ?
Yes I met him first long ago when we were kids just randomly on a beach we were about 9yo I of course was there as my family is from there but his family isn't they were just visiting his aunt & uncle who have a cottage there so it was totally a fluke . anyway I won't go on about my mr. dreamy .

I think my cacti got much better as I went along ☺

so I even made You one ! I thought you'd prefer wild blueberry ☺

with rose syrup yum yum

 I set a table for You too
This table cloth once belonged to my great Auntie Sophie just like Sally & Jillian I have had great mentors in my magickal life ☺

Did I say that practical magic is my all time fav movie ? when it came out I just loved it .
I did not like the book lol which is totally odd for me not to like a book .
I did however love the book

Garden spells is by one of my fav authors now and I found her via the Practical Magic Blog party last year lol !
Like Practical magic it is also a story of magic in the everyday life , sisters , abusive situations and true love

the subject of magical sisters.
I too have a soul sister

For just as Sally had Jillian
I too had J my anam cara .

I in fact  cannot believe how similar my sister and I are to both sisters in this movie & the book !
Like Sally in the story I too have dark dark brown hair  am drawn to outdoorsey ways , making herbal magickal cakes , shampoos etc. and found my true love my dh .
J always has strawberry blonde hair and is a strawberry prairie girl if ever there was one .
She is wild and goes like the wind fast fast fast ! she unlike me loves the city and feels her most magickal when wth lots of people .
Often drawn to a more draker side than I'd take a risk to do.
and just like in the movie practical magic and the book garden spells there is an abuser

remember him ? many women fall for a Johnny Angelov
my anam cara did .
I had to let her go sow her wild oats just as Sally did Jillian
yet I believe everything happens for a reason for whatever the reason we are meant to be apart
it does not mean I do not pray for her safety & return .
I feel her so close yet so far .
I was hoping Mabon would be the time we could meet in the middle but it appears not be so just yet .

This is absolutely my most fav scene in the whole movie the magickal magickal scene and it is so very beautiful all those flower petals floating upwards !
so my spell for the evening is one where I am asking for the return of my anam cara , my soul sister J .

I first picked many flower petals

and with a few sacred trees for good measure I mixed them all up

I used some of the mixture for making a candle

which I burned for her today

isn't it pretty
I'm saving the rest of the mix for my special spell releasing them above me into the night sky ☺
and calling upon Herne protector and hunter bringer of abundance  to help keep her safe return her to me . The great horned god has been coming to me a lot lately .
I've no doubt we will be reunited at some point .

Did I mention we have a witchy house too
well it is not quite as grand but it is 100 something yrs old and it like the Owen's house is a witchy one .

wow that was alot wasn't .
So now what ?

Midnight Margaritas !

we've got the blender

wonderful basket of limes !

Oh and I almost forgot cream puffs with caramel sauce ☺

so come on sisters lets party !

Cheers !!
may all your magickal wishes come true
lov Rox


  1. Just wonderful, both posts!!I wish all that you wish for your sister. Going by nature and coloring my sister and I are alike. but we do not get along, and have never been close. she is 9 years older than I. I too heard of Garden spells from last year's party, bought it then, but am just reading it now, and so far i love it! I too, did not like the PM book compared to the movie (also strange for me)
    Funny. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful party. I do hope your sister will return to you.
    I read all the books by Sarah Addison Allen and love her book. I'm waiting for the new one to come into our library ; )
    Have a magical day.

  3. Great post, I love the candle you made! I'm a fan of Sarah Addison Allen, too. I love both the book and the movie,but for different reasons: The book because of Alice Hoffman's lyrical prose and the movie for the visuals. You have a beautiful blog...


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  4. I just finished THE PEACH KEEPER by Sarah Addison Allen. :)

    Oh, and -- I would love to eat one of your cactus pancakes! :)

    Magical Times,

  5. Love your practical magic post, your candle was beautiful as was the sentiment behind it. The cacti pancakes look real fun.

    J x

  6. Dear Rox,

    This was a truly magickal blog post! You had me from the first line to the last . . . spellbinding! Thank you so much for sharing your story and that cactus pancake was yummy!

    Thank you also for visiting my blog today and leaving your lovely comments. I'm so glad that you like the rosary and hope it brings you much comfort as it does for me.

    I joined the Mystic Rosary on yahoo too, but unfortunately I haven't had much time to participate . . . it's still a lovely place to visit though!

    Blessed Be,