Sunday, September 11, 2011


As I mentioned a few posts below in my September Air poem I love this time of year.
We are really fortunate to live in an area of the country that truly experiences all 4 seasons .
What I notice so much in this season is the changing wind , the turning over , the giving from one unto another .
It is also the time of year we get close to my absolutely most fav day and time of year Day of the Dead but I will do a whole post on that later.
Sept. is the time of year that my dh and dd who was 3yo at the time (she is now 30 yrs. ) left on a greyhound bus to Mexico !
travel is in the air during this season.It is the time aboriginal peoples would begin preparing for the hunting , gathering and many migrating to their winter camps.
I am planning a harvest type dinner and celebration for Mabon.
I am hoping to do squash and wild rice and some type of fish as it is also the time of year the nets are full.
I also want to do wheat weaving . My grandmother grew up doing this activity growing up on the farm .My mother & I also learned how one yr. and you can make such beautiful decorations to give as gifts for others.
I also have some nice day lily reeds I trimmed off and thinking to make some Brigid crosses as we do not have fresh reeds come Feb.
so below are a few books I like and thought you might find them too at your library .

This book I mention so much as it is my absolute fav book in the Waldorf schooling festival series .
It offers activities , recipes and wonderful Celtic myths for children .

okay this is my all time fav book on Mabon but also my fav book by Ellen Dugan .
I just seems to have a deeper more spiritual element to it than her other books .which I also like but this is my fav.
she offers stories of her own experiences , information on god/goddess, recipes etc.

this book is one of my favs on the goddess and there is a wonderful section on Madron mother of Mabon
she really gives wonderful write up of the goddess than on pathworking & meditation . followed by activities if you like.

This is a wonderful book about the Celtic heros .Caitlin Matthews is an excellent writer /author of many books and she actually wrote one of my fav books on Celtic prayer. This book is actually the first in a set of two . This one is the myths in the Mabinogion and is great , there is also included a pronunciation guide for pronunciation of the Welsh language .


  1. What a wonderous place! *fearing it is but a moment in Dreamland, quickly clicks The Cunning Crone's "Follow"*

    *scritch-scratch scritches* So many book titles to jot into my binder! (Thank~you! Most definitely these are interest~piquers! The Because Why?: My Gemmama visits her dear friend Luella living life Across the Pond, as we squeak!)

    By the by: To add melodic ruffles to your Practical Magic blog, find yourself a spot at, where you can make a lovely playtlist. (Their instructions made it impossible for even me to come down with a case of the Flub-Ups!)

  2. Thank You ! hehe did I mention I'm a bookaholic ☺ yes I am I always think people will think what a boring post she has book covers posted yet again ;-) I am glad I have a book sister out there who wants to share .
    Thanks so much for the song link !