Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magickal Prayer Bundles

I love this photo !
So Magickal prayer/spell bundles , what are they ?
Little bundles of powerful goodness ☺
 as if my candles & sticks weren't enough ;-)
Now I use these a few times per month just as I do the candles .
I've made them for my own personal prayer/spells and also as gifts for others.
The one above I used palms from palm Sunday to wrap up the bundle and pure wool to tie it up .
The point with prayer bundles like with anything else I make for my prayerful intent is to use the most natural ingredients and preferably homegrown ingredients you have locally .

collect fresh things if you can and now that it is autumn we also harvest & dry things to use over winter months

I of course did not have any more palms but I do have an abundance of birch bark which is wonderful for wrapping . If you live in the city you could always buy corn husks or banana leaves to use for wrapping .
I place within the bundle items which are used for whatever I am praying for or spell casting .
This was a bundle for my sil birthday gift . I set a lily on a bed of moss for gentle love and a few other things for abundance

I grind dry ingredients up

and then blend in with wet

I found that shells are a good vessel to hold the mixture I place inside the bundle

again I use different things for different magickal purpose

some bundles have been for the return of true love

while others have been for banishing

I then throw the bundle on the fire and recite the incantation .
That's it nothing fancy nor expensive just your time & creative energy .

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