Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magickal Prayer Candles

This was an autumn magickal candle sitting next is a little autumn spirit doll

I love making prayer candles so much ! Mostly because they each burn so very uniquely .
When making prayer /spell candles it is best to use natural items you can find locally .
Also try if you can to use beeswax , soy or other more environmentally friendly candles instead of petroleum based ones if you can .
Again I use these candles for all occasions .
depending on the moon phase and what the intent is .
Candles can be used for protection , banishing , healing , love , etc.

So once again I collect all my ingredients .
This may take place over a whole week as I pray about my intentions etc. items will call me  on what their energy is and what is best to use for those intentions .
grind up all ingredients

mix with holy water , salt & oil

I like to inscribe symbols on my candle . almost always a pentacle within a circle &  often a cross
then names or animals etc.
I then bath the candle which is like a ritual in itself as I often pray as I'm doing this

once the candle is coated top to bottom with your magickal mixture place in your holder . I use wet clay in my holder to hold it in good so it doesn't tip over .
I also often cut a doorway round the candle but one must always always remember to close this doorway as well . also if you are doing a banishing spell be certain you say a prayer of protection for no evil to enter into this sacred area .

I have several altars and chose which one is best suited for the intent etc.

Often I will place a photo if I have one of the loved one I am praying for .
I do not usually do large candles but my ex passed away ( father to my eldest )and I felt he needed 3 days of prayerful guidance .
So I purchased this big beeswax candle .

It burned exactly three days and was one of the most prayerful beautiful candles thus far .

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