Friday, September 16, 2011

New & somewhat old Books

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lol I couldn't resist leaving this here ! My little dog jojo jumped up on my laptop while I was getting my cup of tea and this is what she wrote ☺
So books , yes books ! did I say I'm a bookaholic ?
Yes I am and I always order new books each month . I of course also use the library big time and the librarians even get excited about the themes I go off on and end up ordering some of the titles themselves ☺
So I thought I'd share what I'm excited about right now !

by Judika Illes ! I just love her books and although there are not many of them the ones she has written are just awesome . Hr book of 5,000 spells is just wonderful and equally as good is her Element Encyclopedia of Witch Craft . Our library has most of her titles but I am ordering this new one for myself , release date is Oct.11th and I can hardly wait

Okay this next book is the 4th book in a series titled The Chronicles of Faerie   by O.R. Melling
I found these books this spring while on my Fey theme.Although apparently  written for teens and young adults  I've really been enjoying these books . I really like her descriptive writing of scenery , birds , animals & fairy . She also is a Canadian /Irish heritage and the characters within the stories are also from both countries so perhaps that also is what draws me to the books .
So I picked up the 4th book from the library The Book of Dreams and haven't been able to put it down .
If You have older teens and especially girls I think they'd really enjoy these books and most of the main characters are young women .

Okay I have this next book on order ! It is an old book which you can read online at sacred texts if you like many books on Fey etc. are out of print and sacred texts is just an awesome website I discovered yrs ago via homeschooling . However I being a true booky love the touchy feely aspect of reading which the internet nor a Kindle or any other electronic media instrument just cannot duplicate ;-)
I love pre-raphealite  poetry an the of Yeats   but have not yet read this book of his so am very much looking forward to this wonderful read . 


  1. So nice to know there's a new Judika Illes book coming out! I use her Encyc. of 5000 Spells all the time. Cheers!

  2. Oh I am so happy there is another who loves her books ! Thanks for visiting ☺