Friday, September 16, 2011

Practical Magic Blog Party

Oh I'm so so excited ! Yes its that time of year again for the Practical Magic blog party hosted by Anna & Justina !  Last year I was also so very excited and I took part . Then I received  a comment from a nasty lady telling me I was doing spells and encouraging others in their religion unless a catholic one was wrong . I was so upset I deleted my whole post . Well this year I am saying begone~ depart anyone who is hatefelt be they pagan christian etc. I'm not going to go there with people honestly as if people should waste their time on wheather another is practicing a religion rather than helping end child exploitation or volunteer at a soup kitchen etc. who cares if I read the bible love Krishna and eat chicken .
I love my magical life and and that includes my witchy christopagan self  and I intend to live it to the fullest
So I will be here with bells on her perhaps a witchy hat or both lol
I hope to try and make the family cactus pancakes and have midnight margeritas with my gal pals .
maybe I'll mix up a witchy potion or prayer bundle who knows the possibilities are endless and I will go where spirit leads me .
I tried to upload the soundtrack for the movie but couldn't find it all .I'm so not a computer techy witch lol
So I hope you will join me on Spet. 24th for some practical magic goodness ☺
til then may your days be filled with magicky goodness
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