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the seer ~ soulkeeper

I see dead people
lol I just had to write that line from the movie the sixth sense
there are 3 books which are helping me right now in my affirmation as seer
they are

I debate writing about this , that which is gift .
however I felt the calling to and then had that affirmation over the last 3 days so feel there is purpose.
Which I guess is the first why of posting .
I struggle with writing about my spiritual self and gifts because frankly I do not wish to appear big .
 To know it all or as well for my own boosting of self.
Yet also I feel we are also to acknowledge our gifts and and not be embarrassed by them or hoard them up and only use them for self gratification.
I believe the one and soul purpose of gift is to share . The gift is given to us freely , the sharing of gift by Creator .
 Then the sharing of gift from self unto others .
I write of this to tell what my gifts are but more importantly what they are not !
So what is a seer , cunning person , wisewoman , shaman , cunning folk ? I do not like labels as you know for I feel we are just so much more than a mere label.
The gift of second sight , to know , to commune with spirit & spirits .
is this divination ? no & yes, every cunning person will have their way in which they are given knowledge , shown that which was , here now and that which is yet to come .Yet each person is unique. We are all beautifully an wonderfully made .
Are all capable of seeing ? no & yes.
I believe we all are capable to see that which is being given , it does not mean though that people see for the fact is most do not acknowledge the other realms , spirit etc. most are oblivious.
 Then there are those who are paying attention but they indeed need another who is deeper at this perception .
Why would we have elders, cunning folk, seers etc. if everyone is one ?
 each community has a place for each and every person . Some are called to be warrior , some called to be caregivers , hunters etc.
While meditating on this gift of sight , I have been very much studying the Fey again & Feri Tradition .
It is not so much I am being educated but rather affirmed in that which is already known , so I can go on and now continue to help others.
So the people with second  sight what they are is very simple people , slow people , they tend to go unnoticed except for within their small community. They do not step up with puffed up chests to boost that ego and have many to follow.
 Many do follow that type and those are not seers they are want to be, want to haves.
 It seems to many the gift of sight is mysterious , cool and they wish to have this gift themselves and tend to place upon a pedestal those who claim to be .
I can say that I encountered this from one , she saw and knew my gift for along time . She began to be envious , envy that which leads us to want that of another and avoid the unhappiness of our own life . She has many gifts they are equal to mine and yours and to be used for the same purpose . Yet when we play pretend it is exactly that denial of true self and actually a terrible disrespect to the gods/goddess , our great creator. I believe one cannot live without each other and the sharing of who we are .
It is not like I or you have not been capable of not liking our life , many who have been hurt turn to drugs , alcohol and I think one of the worst forms of denial pretending to be who we are not .
I can say that people who have this gift always are given sight clearly all on their own , not taken from anything .
One is shown and then the why comes later. What is involved and why there is utter and complete union with Creator is that of Trust. sheer and utter TRUST . we trust that what has been shown and given is of that One and if it is not if it is deceptive it has been allowed and we will be shown also the why.
We do not doubt the Divine .
what a seer is not is someone who has heard a story , watched a tv program ,and then it happens to them .
For this leaves room always for manipulation and imagination .
I use this example of the manifestation that can occur when one is not dealing with their own issues but rather wants to be another , lead the life of another .
I do see spirits , ghosts , what ever you like to call them. There are spirits who are those we know such as ancestors , friends , saints , angels , fey etc. those we are familiar with. then there are those we do not know but they are of light . Our first home we had a spirit like this , he helped us always in our home yet we never were shown the who this ghosty was. It was safe , our children were never frightened by this spirit.
Then there are those shadow spirits , the dark ones, they may be trapped , they are often mad , they are miserable and they wish for us to be too.
I and three of our children are seers .
I always have been like this since childhood .I love love cemeteries, I have always seen and spoken to my ancestors and others be they light or dark I am never afraid for this has been with me forever .and again those close to me know this .
My dh is not but what is important is I respect who he is and he me .He does not try to be me nor I him !
I have always been a seer as my children who are always have been. It does not mean someone who did not have this gift could not be given the gift of sight at a later date .Again the why and how the gift is used etc. will always show you a true seer.
My mother always will vouch for me on this , as a very young child I would know the how and where to go if lost. I always talked to the trees , flowers insects and spirits yes.
I have experienced those with envy before and often they are like the psychic vampire they drain you of your energy if you have not protected yourself.
I use the example of this one who was once close to me and it was extremely painful to let her go but the relationship kept me from helping others.
 close to 10 yrs. ago I had been over at my mother's home using her computer. As I left her house and began to walk home in the dark I felt a follower. I knew right away what & who it was .
As I went to enter our home via our back porch I turned around , to encounter a dark shadow . Yes the shadow spirit . I promptly held up my hand . I said Stop ! I then as I always do said begone , depart , you are not welcome here . That was it . in getting rid of one trying to enter it is not as much work as getting them to leave once in !
The one and main thing is that we are never fearful , never .
anyway when my friend was encountering a horrid time in her life where the issue of childhood sexual abuse , abusive partner etc. must be dealt with she lost it she went deep into the land of pretend. That's right she became a seer ! what did she see ? a shadow on her porch of course !
Perhaps she believed she did see this . I believe it was a manifestation in her mind  conjuring this shadow up to have something else to deal with , anything rather than reality !
the divine will never send us out to help others nor give us gifts to help others when we so clearly are not capable of helping self first !
she then one night repeated what I had only said two months before that it is so good I know my dh and I are to be together. she repeated this word for word yet her dh is an abuser , a terrible controlling horrid beast of a man ! she had no signs from the Divine they were to be together if anything the signs all showed the why she should flee with great haste from his clutches !
the last straw was when she looked up at the sky to say "I'm going to live in a forest " ! what ! ae you kidding me ?
she knew my family is from the boreal forest and dh and I had been looking for yrs. she had always wanted to live in a condo which I knew was not for her , but the forest ?!
She was taking this from as a child she'd run through a forest with neighbourhood children and she was so free.
Okay the difference is then there was no guidance , no elder helping these children . They would go there to drink , have sex and light fires ! they could've burnt down that whole ancient forest.
 You see there was and is extreme difference of the why I knew I was to be in the forest. I was taught there by those who were good. The spirits who helped me learn and those living . I was taught how to care and tend and respect fire . How to walk softly not run randomly through the bush. How to harvest the wild forest . I do not doubt many are called to full union within nature , that environment which is natural .But spiritually if anywhere my ex friend was guided by wise elders herself and in true presence of the Divine in her childhood was/is on the prairie . 
 she is absolutely a strawberry prairie girl as much as I am a forest blueberry girl .
what saddens me is that she missed it , her true gifts and who she is all her life trying to be someone else , turning to drugs , alcohol, friends and a husband who are enabling & abusive . I spent many yrs trying to save her it was not my job .her focus was all on gift not on the giver.
I am here to share my gift to help others just as others help me . It hurts when loved ones do not respect or value us for who we are .
That was it I had to leave her , but I did speak the truth before I did .
 She chose the abuser and those who would enable her to play pretend .
She in the end gave me up the teacher she had for a mentally ill man with a crow in his head .
so I had to part and remain me the true and real me .
I don't wish this to be a post about envy ( I am going to write more in depth about jealousy & envy on my blog regarding abuse ) I merely wanted to show how denial and deception can play apart in ones life regardless of religion etc. the ability to practice prudence & the gift of discernment are also very close at heart to a seer and very much used when doing this spiritual work .seeing things as they truly are is the gift of true sight ;-)
 So how do I see ? clear vision , signs , dreams , listening etc.
I have my own forms of affirmation and or each person it will be different .
I can't say to much or write it because it is such a part of self there is no true description .
I will say that often a dream filled with joy comes but more often than not for me and other seers it involves forewarning , this also goes in keeping with being a soul keeper .something Black Elk helped me become more attuned to the why and how to care for a soul.
 and although in the book by Robert Kirk lists seers as social people it is true to some extent yet more so within ones family & community .ore often not the gift of forewarning is burdensome and often we are shunned and neglected . I can also say yes I certainly would've been at risk several centuries ago of being labeled witch and harmed for it for I have people now email me nasty notes and I've no doubt if we were to travel back in time they'd be very willing ti place harm upon me. Lol I also have the added bonus of having the witch's tit ;-)
often people ask me to pray for them to get council regarding a certain situation etc. well as Cora Anderson says in her Kitchen Witch book  one of her dear friends gave her a forewarning and she did heed it for a time but forgot and it was a grave forgetfulness as she ended up in hospital requiring much surgery and long long recovery.
So do not ask a seer to help with counsel unless you are willing to accept the warnings too !
I also receive vision , dream and such regarding someones passing as well as when a soul is in danger such as a person attempting suicide , dangerously addicted to drugs etc. I have countless examples of these experiences and many family & friends who know me and have indeed also received what I have been told to give them .
There is only one purpose for these types of forewarning , to care for the soul , to help healing , protect and move on. That is it no awesome predicting plane crashes , knowing how much money I will receive next week etc.
as for spirits , at times I see , I know , I hear , and feel presence . I cannot tell you the how to though . perhaps prayer and the why the purpose , intent and maybe that gift shall be given. My gifts are not for me to give but share . It is the role of giver to give the true gifts ☺
below are some photos of my spiritual life .I also wrote out a few excerpts from the 3 books mentioned at the top of the post . I also want to post in my pages soon about divination as well as reading signs .
for now I think this post is lengthy enough.

although I love gatherings with friends and family , I like to do my spiritual work alone usually and have those special sacred spots to do so ☺

I love cemeteries !can't get enough

and altars ! okay I go a bit wild with the altar thing lol
I love both indoor


outdoor altars
and day of the dead Samhain is my fav fav day of the year which I can hardly wait to write about ;-)

I love the art of blessing & cleansing

and teaching little ones spiritual talents and practices !

here they are offering tobacco and saying prayers to heal this oak tree

Most of all I am so Thankful for the gifts I have been given and that I can now not feel I am bad or selfish for being grateful for that gift which is self  .

 SCEFF Robert Kirk
as for the life, the persons endowed with this rarity are for the most part candid , honest and sociable people.
It is the nature of the thing itself in question, and not the matter of its derivation and other accidental concomitants , which make it faulty.if parents had this second sight by contract with evil spirits , it were error on the first concoction which would increase as it proceeded among their succession.
But by undeniable proofs above, I have made it appear that both young children and aged persons have had this sight infused in a trice, they know not whence , though they neither concurred to it themselves, nor any of their parents and other relations had the like before them- so that the spies and aerial intelligent creatures and the sight of the seers of them, clear and lawful and void of deception .
FYFT by Cora Anderson
these are actually excerpts from the forward written by Dennis Strand whom I found to be extremely informative
pg.xi & xii
The Craft is in essence the religion of the gods, an ancient art created by direct contact with them and preserved by tradition, to be treated with respect and caution at all times .
The old craft, as sometimes it is called , has a very dangerous side inherent in its practice.
The very forces used are the same ancient ones that set this universe in motion.This major point is to often forgotten , glossed over, never fully realized or completely realized !
so without a basic craft yardstick by which to measure and separate truth from religious fantasy one is lost , dangerously lost .
Spiritual authority in the raft rests solely upon the ability of the teacher's art to manifest the gods, not on a book , notoriety or fame. The authentic Craft teacher will have the distinct talent to put the student in direct contact with the gods.
Beware of the teacher who spreads their tradition as if it were. mayonnaise or mustard on a piece of bread to be seen and used by all.At first this kind of teacher sounds impressive and , because he's persuasive , probably has a large following , but underneath the thin veneer of surface splash , he as a whole misrepresents the Craft in historical truth , Craft Wisdom & tradition . ( this is so true ! and more importantly true seers do not ask for money !)

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