Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spiritual Bathing

I love tubs !
Lol anyone who knows me I'm a tub gal not a shower gal .
The tub is such a healing place for me and for children can be such a simple form of entertainment.
However the tub can also be a spiritual/ magickal tool as well.
Many a wonderful meditation I've had while in the tub . My former  spiritual director told me why wouldn't it be one of the best places to connect with the divine . Your alone and your totally naked !
exactly how you were created in the raw !
so spiritual bathing is something I do as a ritual for cleansing or protection , healing etc.
I find a calling to do this often after praying for the banishing & protection prayers/ spells for others . As well as also when praying for souls who have passed on .
Our skin is our biggest organ and just as in medically we can bath to heal this is also a great way to spiritually cleanse the whole self .
If we are able to pass on healing , protection to others we are also capable of taking on things from others and if we don't cleanse ourselves that crud can build up , leaving us sluggish , drained and of poor spirit .
I steep my herbs , trees etc. in boiled water for 20min .
today I used pine for protection , juniper for purification . rowan for clearing my spiritual being and nettle because I really needed a good green dose of nutrients .

I then strain the mixture into the tub discarding it to the compost afterwards.

run water and add any essential oils you may like .
I added patchouli as well because I really have been feeling a need to connect with the element of earth lately and that scent is so earthy to me .
I asked the element of water to cleanse & purify me with this healing waters
and also the element of earth to helped me to remain well rooted so as to have focus on what lies ahead .
I also have arthritis so a really hot tub is so soothing for me .This tub really did the trick .I've done a done of banishing it seems the past two weeks and felt really disoriented and drained , lack of direction .
So now I know my week ahead looks more clear to me and I am refreshed .
happy tubbing to you !

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