Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumny goodness

I am so getting into my autumn surroundings .
so are you decorating ? collecting for that Halloween celebration !
I've slowly been adding items to our stoop and indoors etc. to project that autumn goodness.
We are soon to have our Canadian Thanksgiving I can hardly wait as we will have 3 whole days out at my mother's place & visiting our land .
I just posted on my other healthy living blog photos of our property and all the fun we've been having there . if you'd like to check the post out here is the link

as I posted before I have general altars then like to decorate them seasonally

I placed this to represent Herne or the horned god

and placed an offering of harvest goodness at the base

did I mention I am having an absolute parsnip craze !
yes I love them boiled still firm then sauteed in brown butter . mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

I've several brooms some for decoration

some I use
I love this witchy coco mat I found last yr.

have hung mint by all the doors

these funny reeds grow on our land we always used to play with them on the lakeshore they come apart in sections kind of like natures lego ☺
I'd never seen them turn orange like this before !

I placed rowan berries and fishing floats out the floats always remind me of autumn and the fishermen

I placed Hedgy in his little burrow ☺

I can't believe I found bittersweet low enough to the ground I could actually pick it !

I love how bittersweet pops open into a flower like shape

I also found a huge rowan tree with just oodles of clusters drooping off the branches

I even have to admit the city can be pretty this time of yr.

I found this lovely wolf spider in the window well in the basement
I think every home should have a few good spiders

this is virgina creeper on our neighbours house

I love the deep colours

Then my sil Summer brought me a few awesome pumpkins & squash
the favs being the ones with warts ☺

isn't he beautiful !

so far there is much autumny goodness !

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