Monday, October 31, 2011

I am not a zombie !!

Well, You'd have to expect I'd do an anti zombie post lol !
Honestly it seems this yr. is the extreme everything zombie yr. like pirates were 4 yrs. ago !
honestly if another pirate toy , commercial etc.. came out I thought I'd chuck the tv out the window and avoid all market places for who knows how long and now zombie mania !
I've already written why I can't stand secular Halloween , why it has turned into a weird and perverse celebration . It is as if all souls / day of the dead got into the mind of some psycho CEO of a candy company or something . how did the skulls of day of the dead and the souls of those lesser than or gone by to the other world turn into death is violent and horrid event ? I mean I have lost family and friends to violent means of death for real !
It is an insult to our loved ones to mock and make fun and make it somehow funny.Violence is not funny ! As for death it is one piece in a journey , a scared piece as sacred as conception or birth .
So today as always my family is honouring that little lady you see in the photo above .
She is/was my grandmother Grace .

Gramma Grace was born into a Pennsylvania Dutch family in Ontario then moved to MB. &SK when a young child .
Her family were educated farmers ☺her Mum was the community cheese maker and her father helped  new immigrants with obtaining farm land .
We are going to have a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dinner in her honour tonight .

Gramma Grace was educated in University just as her brothers were .They felt girls deserved education just as much as boys did. She became a teacher . Her first teaching job was in a residential school . she quit along with another teacher only after 3 months because of how the children were treated It had such an impact on her it really made her question her christian religion .
Her next job was teaching in Belair MB. she loved it deep in the woods really only train access back then . she had her own little cabin and it was a metis community unlike life on the reserve people here had their own land , farms, trap lines and were  fishermen etc. This is where she met my grandfather at a box lunch dance .They crossed the lake in the canoe to get married and planned to move further north as the kids got older .
My gramma is the one who called me little sparrow because I was so small and ate like a sparrow plus I used to love watching the sparrows in the tree outside our apartment window .
Gramma Grace would send me letters monthly always with a poem and often the poems included sparrows ☺

She is the lady who taught me bread making

my love of nature , collecting kindling and other things in the woods

gardening , gramma Grace was one of my first inspiring people to teach me gardening

Recently I re-purchased the book Gnomes by Wil Huygen This is a book my Grandmother gave me .She also was the person who instilled the love of the Fae , Elves , Gnomes etc. I loved this book so much I used to look at it for hrs. and loved especially how the Gnomes built their homes . My first pregnancy with our eldest dd Natasha was all documented on a Gnome calender lol .
So I sat down this past weekend with my grandson and brought out the brand new copy of Gnomes .
He loves it !!

Gramma Grace suffered much during her life , she was widowed in 1939 , she struggled to support a family as a single woman in that era often exploited by others. She did make mistakes as any parent /human does . But her intent was always good as any parent/ grandparent does. She had a long trial with Parkinson's disease and it was very hard to watch her not be able to work in the bush , garden or make bread .Yet she kept her spirit high her love of reading & writing never failed . She continued to encourage young people to learn .She was so happy to have great grandchildren and she was such a support of our choice in home birth and natural lifestyle choices .
So no my gramma is not a zombie nor are any of my ancestors , alive yes ! full of spirit yes ! beautiful guides yes !
the walking brain dead horrific monsters no .
I feel sorry for people who get caught up in the zombie thing and perhaps don't have real connection to their ancestors . I know and see now how blessed we are and I'm so so happy to pass these sacred traditions on to our children and grandchildren .

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