Friday, November 25, 2011

Plant Ally ~ Lavender

I've done it ! I've chosen my Plant Ally for this new year !
Lavender seems to be the plant chosing me ☺
Lavender is not local but it is winter and local plants are all under the snow anyway right now .
Plus I really felt this Lady calling me .
I've loved Lavender since childhood .I find I am also in need of her calming ability .
I've been wanting to partake in a plant ally course or follow along with others for sometime but that time never seemed to arrive or be right .
I don't have funds to take some workshop or course online .Plus At times I have issue that I feel plants chose us freely , we learn and are given by Creator what we are to work with if we are only open .
So maybe you'd like to do this too !
It's free !
Jut pray about it and see what plant appears to you over the next few weeks .
I felt like Samhain is the beginning of the new year so Samhain season is a good time to start and prepare .So I'm going to learn with Lavender over this next year .
I will post on both this blog for spiritual journies with Lavender and on our Healthy Heathen blog for medicinal & culinary journies with Lavender .
Lol this may turn out to be quite the challenge for me as my dh really does not enjoy the company of Lavender nor eating flowers how I do ☺

I actually have two little lavender plants I began from seed many yrs ago . I've no idea what variety they were though . I will work with them along with reading articles , recipes etc.
I will have a journal and write about my expereinces .
There are a few blogs that have write ups on their journey with plant allies  it appears people sort of venture off the path after awhile lol and I've no doubt I'll do my share of wandering  .
So that is it to start I've got to work on a journal and make the cover . I'll post when I can pics of my little plants , what I make and do with my friend Lady Lavender .

Friday, November 18, 2011

I AM Poem

Today I read about the I AM poem over at Teresa's blog I Heart The Goddess
her blog really is one of my favs ☺
As I read her poem I felt it is a really good healing tool for us . Really helps us look at self with understanding & compassion .
I needed this ! as I just wrote in my earlier post I really have been down lately and down on self .
I think this poem really helped me give myself a break , lighten up see the real me .
so below is the I AM poem and then my version below that please help yourself to it when done reading☺

I Am Poem
by My Destiny Astrology

I am (two special characteristics)
I wonder (something you are actually curious about)
I hear (an imaginary sound)
I see (an imaginary sight)
I want (an actual desire

I am (the first line of the poem restated)
I pretend (something you pretend to do)
I feel (a feeling about something imaginary)
I touch (an imaginary touch)
I worry (something that really bothers you)
I cry (something that makes you very sad)

I am (the first line of the poem repeated)
I understand (something you know is true)
I say (something you believe in)
I dream (something you actually dream about)
I try (something you make an effort to do)
I hope (something you actually hope for)

I am (the first line of the poem repeated)

by rox

I am compassionate & strong
I wonder when we will be able to move

I hear snowflakes fall

I see faces in the trees

I want children to be safe

I am compassionate and strong

I pretend to understand what all 2 yo have said to me

I feel floaty whispy like a faerie spirit

I touch moonlight

I worry another abused child will not be believed or helped

I cry when my children , family & friends have pain

I am compassionate & strong

I understand a soul

I say everyone needs real & true love

I dream grizzly bears

I try pray instead of speaking

I hope a healthy job for my dh & a peaceful home for our family

I am compassionate & strong

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

prayer sticks ~ magickal wands

I honestly don't know a time in my life where I wasn't in love with trees & sticks lol
of course I love all of nature and my flowers & herbs
Yet as I grow my spiritual work the ingredients I tend to be called to use mostly are trees working with trees in prayer , healing protection etc.
Trees have wonderful spirit and just like people each tree is an individual .
It is very personal thing working with each tree .

As in most aboriginal cultures we tend to have several names throughout our lives .

I've had a aboriginal name for the 4 stages of ones life , as an infant my grandmother gave me the name little sparrow , then my name in childhood I was called little flower (I like the spanish version ~ florasita ), then as I grew as an adult into womanhood & motherhood my work with trees began to become very clear my name changed to sticklady as I worked and became more secure trusting what is sent to me being self confident in my work with trees moving into the role as granny crone elder I am now strong tree woman .
Of course I still learn always but I know thi is my place I no longer question my work with the trees .

here I am collecting driftwood with my Grandmother
I wonder where I got my obsession with sticks & trees from lol
The sticks I now collect for prayer sticks , staffs & wands are most always driftwood and almost always red diamond willow .
Every now and then I have access to a living tree as when the bear damages branches in the oak or apple trees ☺
I love willow it is mystical , healing , gentle , whispering moon tree
I even named the name of my ladies fullmoon coven gathering the womb of willow after a vision I had of a mystical moonlit willow grove

 I first began making these sticks for friends in my early twenties I almost always sand & oil the sticks
while doing this I pray the whole time for whom or what I am called to pray for at the time .
Sometimes I wrap things round the stick like leather with bead work or sage sticks .
Some people use the stick as a form of decoration like a plaque on the wall or statue of the Divine

as I work with sticks I learn what the purpose shall be

some sticks become gifts for others

some become sacrificial sticks to be offered in the sacred fire

some become wands and just special sticks one can use during ritual & ceremony and just your own personal prayer times

This is my special prayer stick I found hen I went out in the bush to bury a statue of Mary which had broken .I learned this custom from a Hindu fellow . when I was done walking back through the woods there was a low spot and there in the damp autumn leaves sticking out was my wand ☺

I sewed a bag for it from some cloth I got when in Guatemala

I also love to do a ritual when working with a special stick for friends or a statue that is to be sacred .I bath the stick in water oil & salt over the fire .

isn't he grand !

This is the work of our ds15 Indigo

He really likes the art form of pyrography he also mixes up a wonderful blend of essential oils to oil his work
I'm trying to convince him to try making rune sets but he does not believe people would actually buy runes .
He is like his Mum he loves the tree & wood so I guess the ancestral tree spirit has passed on yet again ☺

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

returning to the goddess ~ Vesta ~ Hestia ~ Rox

I really felt I was losing myself there for awhile .
I'm still taking baby steps , being good to myself and keeping things very simple .
I really had a hard transition returning to the city this yr.
I felt down , sluggish and the more I felt like it the less I did . Entering the cycle of self harm.
I felt I was bad Mum because all the kids were doing was computer & tv . I lost my umph in bread making , cleaning , sewing , all my home making was going down hill.
what to do ? I knew I wanted out of the funk I was in .
I felt isolated and less than. Everywhere I turned there was super Mum , worse super exclusive competitive homeschool mum .which I shall write about that encounter and experience on our homeschooling blog later .
I had to look at myself .
I knew I needed to value myself and our children again .
I prayed and then it came to me , she came to me , Vesta , Hiesta & Rox ☺
I am focusing again on my homemaking thanks to Vesta & Hiesta .
I know when we do build our new home there will for sure be a statue dedicated to the oly Family , this is a given .
Yet when it comes to my kitchen , my sacred Hearth I am placing a plaque in dedication to Vesta .Goddess of the home & hearth .
I am slowly doing one step at a time getting our health in order , returning to healthy diet & exercise . Our youngest really suffered the last 3 months he is very small for his age and has always struggled with trying to gain weight like his momma .
Then our family life , it really showed the added stress on family unit activity and union when my dh has been working not only each weekday but each and every Saturday for the past 3 months . we need to refocus as a family even if it is  1 hr. per day in the evening .
then our homeschool , yes I'm an unschooler focusing on seasonal teaching & learning but doing lazy assed nothingness is not unschooling !
We were very lonely upon our return to the city so I realized there is no use sitting & sulking over mean homeschoolers who shun us . No !
I need get off my butt and make some new and healthy home school connections .
We are also gearing up to do our no Internet access again except the library .
It seems odd that internet being such a social media outlet we would not be isolated but it is true we venture out far less when we are sitting online gabbing with our fb friends etc.
We've done this before and I look forward to the time spent with the kids walking , visiting local shops etc.
So I'm reading The Goddess is in The Details  again for inspiration and returning to Waldorf natural learning with the kids .
I'm trying to get Indigo to study lean to shelters so maybe he and friends could build something on the property come spring ☺
So return to the goddess how does this help Rox well like I said that prayer that connection with Vesta & Hiesta also bringing me back to functioning simply is a return to self.
Rox can see the goddess within herself once again .
My dh called me a goddess last year and at the time I really felt connected to Athena but I'm not there yet .I'm still feeling weak & vulnerable after dealing with that bully .
So I think Vesta is a really gentle goddess , strong yes but keeping spirit close , staying cautious , restoring boundaries for self & family .
It sure is feeling good to be back .
I'm even encouraged to do a little planning for Yule & Advent .

Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Blast for Peace ~ Legacy & Example

Yes ! That time again ! Blog Blast for Peace !

I am trying to write 4 posts on 4 different blogs today for Blog Blast for Peace ☺
This is all while our sewer backed up ( tree roots again ) and our dear little dog went missing !
So these posts are going to be short and not near as detailed as I'd like , but done none the less .
I really came to mediate on one theme well going over the topic of Peace within all aspects of our lives .
That theme being legacy & example .
The legacy which has been left to us by others who have led peace filled lives , the legacy we live today in the here and now as little ones observe & mimic , and the legacy yet to come which we will leave behind .
So for me on this my spiritual blog I thought I'd write about that , being me , being you , being true to self .
Being true to self means for me I cannot try and strive to be at peace , to have contentment within .For if I am not able to be contented within how can I be the example on the outside .
I'd rather stay isolated and stuck indoors alone and work on myself than to go out into the world pretending to be a peaceful person .
I strongly believe if our spirit is  disturbed inside we can pass that disturbance on to others just as much as we can leave them with a peaceful spirit .
Don't do things for the sole purpose of people pleasing , to fit in , be cool just to be accepted . It will show the effects on those around us and on self eventually .
I cannot lie I struggle with conflict.
I struggle when two parties believe they are right and often both are right & both are wrong but they don't see it .
This comes from my feeling I need to fix things but it also comes from knowing most conflict is absolutely not necessary !
positive confrontation is often needed and this type of confrontation will never leave us disturbed .
A peaceful pacifist knows the difference from being peacefully defensive and being submissive .
what we also know is the difference between a true contented person within and a peace activist with an agenda who is really just a bully in disguise and no better then the conservative right wing bully they are yelling about .
I personally know several so called peace activists who were bullies as children in their family homes , schools and yes are now bully adults within the community . peace activist or not these people leave you drained and are often in the end mean spirited and excluding of others .
There is no empathy , understanding or acceptance .
I came from and grew up in a very abusive home .I like many others who suffered abuse & violence know a bully very well when we meet one .
I just can't take part it disturbs me to much . I find I need retreat to nature or call a friend who is a true loving peaceful person .
Which is what I sort of lost track of here lol ' passing it on , example , legacy
I don't want to be remembered by or teach others harmful habits or behaviours .
It is so very important to me that I repeat the good that has been taught & given to me by such beautiful elders etc.
I want / need to leave this legacy to my own .It is that important ☺so they too will learn and know and wish to continue to pass it on .
So below are a few people some still here some gone yet all help leave my heart , mind and soul in an undisturbed state , in a calm contented place I hope one day another will say the same of me .

Our children & grandchildren bring us true peace & joy and it is their beautiful spirit that helps us carry on to share peace with others

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soul Cards

I thought I'd repost this activity again since All Souls day is upon us .
We spend the whole week from Halloween on having a sacred week
We do Halloween celebrating memory of my Gramma . Then the kids do their candy merriment making etc.
We make an altar or several in the home celebrating All Saints day we place out cards of saints and people whom have helped us & inspired us such as Gandhi etc.
we celebrate All souls day by making soul cakes , making sugar skulls & papel picado etc.
One of the things I always place on the altar is pics of family members gone by loved ones but also those who have passed from drug addiction suicide etc. troubled souls I only have one picture of my abuser I only bring it out this one time of yr. I place it on the altar with all the other photos .
 Souls of people gone and souls of people still here . All souls need prayer , help , guidance & healing .
Then I got this idea to make my own prayer/ soul cards .
I know I often feel called to use different medicines while praying for others such as cedar for healing , pine for protection etc. so I got the idea to take the photo of a loved one in trouble and place them surrounded by angels , saints ,gods/goddesses,  animals , plants , trees etc. comforting and helping them to heal.
The result were these lovely colourful cards .
They remind me of Chimayo. I feel like tacking them up on a tree like they do at Chimayo ☺
I am making a few more for tomorrow to place on our altar .I did this activity with my class except the kids actually pasted old pics of saints , animals etc. round a photo of a loved one . I even use real flower petals pine needles etc. with kids to paste on they love the different textures and it is so nice to use the real thing when you have it ☺