Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Blast for Peace ~ Legacy & Example

Yes ! That time again ! Blog Blast for Peace !

I am trying to write 4 posts on 4 different blogs today for Blog Blast for Peace ☺
This is all while our sewer backed up ( tree roots again ) and our dear little dog went missing !
So these posts are going to be short and not near as detailed as I'd like , but done none the less .
I really came to mediate on one theme well going over the topic of Peace within all aspects of our lives .
That theme being legacy & example .
The legacy which has been left to us by others who have led peace filled lives , the legacy we live today in the here and now as little ones observe & mimic , and the legacy yet to come which we will leave behind .
So for me on this my spiritual blog I thought I'd write about that , being me , being you , being true to self .
Being true to self means for me I cannot try and strive to be at peace , to have contentment within .For if I am not able to be contented within how can I be the example on the outside .
I'd rather stay isolated and stuck indoors alone and work on myself than to go out into the world pretending to be a peaceful person .
I strongly believe if our spirit is  disturbed inside we can pass that disturbance on to others just as much as we can leave them with a peaceful spirit .
Don't do things for the sole purpose of people pleasing , to fit in , be cool just to be accepted . It will show the effects on those around us and on self eventually .
I cannot lie I struggle with conflict.
I struggle when two parties believe they are right and often both are right & both are wrong but they don't see it .
This comes from my feeling I need to fix things but it also comes from knowing most conflict is absolutely not necessary !
positive confrontation is often needed and this type of confrontation will never leave us disturbed .
A peaceful pacifist knows the difference from being peacefully defensive and being submissive .
what we also know is the difference between a true contented person within and a peace activist with an agenda who is really just a bully in disguise and no better then the conservative right wing bully they are yelling about .
I personally know several so called peace activists who were bullies as children in their family homes , schools and yes are now bully adults within the community . peace activist or not these people leave you drained and are often in the end mean spirited and excluding of others .
There is no empathy , understanding or acceptance .
I came from and grew up in a very abusive home .I like many others who suffered abuse & violence know a bully very well when we meet one .
I just can't take part it disturbs me to much . I find I need retreat to nature or call a friend who is a true loving peaceful person .
Which is what I sort of lost track of here lol ' passing it on , example , legacy
I don't want to be remembered by or teach others harmful habits or behaviours .
It is so very important to me that I repeat the good that has been taught & given to me by such beautiful elders etc.
I want / need to leave this legacy to my own .It is that important ☺so they too will learn and know and wish to continue to pass it on .
So below are a few people some still here some gone yet all help leave my heart , mind and soul in an undisturbed state , in a calm contented place I hope one day another will say the same of me .

Our children & grandchildren bring us true peace & joy and it is their beautiful spirit that helps us carry on to share peace with others


  1. What a great point about settling your inner peace before heading out into the greater community to help spread the peace message.

    Best wishes to you and yours for peace today and in all the days to come!

  2. Great post. I agree that we cannot be truly peaceful if we have conflict within ourselves. Peace be with you today and every day.

  3. Beautifully said. I LOVE all of the inspiring examples of peaceful souls you have gathered here.

  4. I struggle when two parties believe they are right and often both are right & both are wrong but they don't see it

    Me too :-)

    This is a great has a lot of ideas that are full of truth, and I love to see all those peaceful folk that have gone before. I suspect you will indeed be remembered and thought of as a peaceful person...

    Peace and happiness to you and yours x

    [your peace post will soon be linked into the patchwork peace quilt on my blog 'Peace Bloggers Unite' ]

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