Friday, November 25, 2011

Plant Ally ~ Lavender

I've done it ! I've chosen my Plant Ally for this new year !
Lavender seems to be the plant chosing me ☺
Lavender is not local but it is winter and local plants are all under the snow anyway right now .
Plus I really felt this Lady calling me .
I've loved Lavender since childhood .I find I am also in need of her calming ability .
I've been wanting to partake in a plant ally course or follow along with others for sometime but that time never seemed to arrive or be right .
I don't have funds to take some workshop or course online .Plus At times I have issue that I feel plants chose us freely , we learn and are given by Creator what we are to work with if we are only open .
So maybe you'd like to do this too !
It's free !
Jut pray about it and see what plant appears to you over the next few weeks .
I felt like Samhain is the beginning of the new year so Samhain season is a good time to start and prepare .So I'm going to learn with Lavender over this next year .
I will post on both this blog for spiritual journies with Lavender and on our Healthy Heathen blog for medicinal & culinary journies with Lavender .
Lol this may turn out to be quite the challenge for me as my dh really does not enjoy the company of Lavender nor eating flowers how I do ☺

I actually have two little lavender plants I began from seed many yrs ago . I've no idea what variety they were though . I will work with them along with reading articles , recipes etc.
I will have a journal and write about my expereinces .
There are a few blogs that have write ups on their journey with plant allies  it appears people sort of venture off the path after awhile lol and I've no doubt I'll do my share of wandering  .
So that is it to start I've got to work on a journal and make the cover . I'll post when I can pics of my little plants , what I make and do with my friend Lady Lavender .

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