Wednesday, November 16, 2011

prayer sticks ~ magickal wands

I honestly don't know a time in my life where I wasn't in love with trees & sticks lol
of course I love all of nature and my flowers & herbs
Yet as I grow my spiritual work the ingredients I tend to be called to use mostly are trees working with trees in prayer , healing protection etc.
Trees have wonderful spirit and just like people each tree is an individual .
It is very personal thing working with each tree .

As in most aboriginal cultures we tend to have several names throughout our lives .

I've had a aboriginal name for the 4 stages of ones life , as an infant my grandmother gave me the name little sparrow , then my name in childhood I was called little flower (I like the spanish version ~ florasita ), then as I grew as an adult into womanhood & motherhood my work with trees began to become very clear my name changed to sticklady as I worked and became more secure trusting what is sent to me being self confident in my work with trees moving into the role as granny crone elder I am now strong tree woman .
Of course I still learn always but I know thi is my place I no longer question my work with the trees .

here I am collecting driftwood with my Grandmother
I wonder where I got my obsession with sticks & trees from lol
The sticks I now collect for prayer sticks , staffs & wands are most always driftwood and almost always red diamond willow .
Every now and then I have access to a living tree as when the bear damages branches in the oak or apple trees ☺
I love willow it is mystical , healing , gentle , whispering moon tree
I even named the name of my ladies fullmoon coven gathering the womb of willow after a vision I had of a mystical moonlit willow grove

 I first began making these sticks for friends in my early twenties I almost always sand & oil the sticks
while doing this I pray the whole time for whom or what I am called to pray for at the time .
Sometimes I wrap things round the stick like leather with bead work or sage sticks .
Some people use the stick as a form of decoration like a plaque on the wall or statue of the Divine

as I work with sticks I learn what the purpose shall be

some sticks become gifts for others

some become sacrificial sticks to be offered in the sacred fire

some become wands and just special sticks one can use during ritual & ceremony and just your own personal prayer times

This is my special prayer stick I found hen I went out in the bush to bury a statue of Mary which had broken .I learned this custom from a Hindu fellow . when I was done walking back through the woods there was a low spot and there in the damp autumn leaves sticking out was my wand ☺

I sewed a bag for it from some cloth I got when in Guatemala

I also love to do a ritual when working with a special stick for friends or a statue that is to be sacred .I bath the stick in water oil & salt over the fire .

isn't he grand !

This is the work of our ds15 Indigo

He really likes the art form of pyrography he also mixes up a wonderful blend of essential oils to oil his work
I'm trying to convince him to try making rune sets but he does not believe people would actually buy runes .
He is like his Mum he loves the tree & wood so I guess the ancestral tree spirit has passed on yet again ☺

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