Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soul Cards

I thought I'd repost this activity again since All Souls day is upon us .
We spend the whole week from Halloween on having a sacred week
We do Halloween celebrating memory of my Gramma . Then the kids do their candy merriment making etc.
We make an altar or several in the home celebrating All Saints day we place out cards of saints and people whom have helped us & inspired us such as Gandhi etc.
we celebrate All souls day by making soul cakes , making sugar skulls & papel picado etc.
One of the things I always place on the altar is pics of family members gone by loved ones but also those who have passed from drug addiction suicide etc. troubled souls I only have one picture of my abuser I only bring it out this one time of yr. I place it on the altar with all the other photos .
 Souls of people gone and souls of people still here . All souls need prayer , help , guidance & healing .
Then I got this idea to make my own prayer/ soul cards .
I know I often feel called to use different medicines while praying for others such as cedar for healing , pine for protection etc. so I got the idea to take the photo of a loved one in trouble and place them surrounded by angels , saints ,gods/goddesses,  animals , plants , trees etc. comforting and helping them to heal.
The result were these lovely colourful cards .
They remind me of Chimayo. I feel like tacking them up on a tree like they do at Chimayo ☺
I am making a few more for tomorrow to place on our altar .I did this activity with my class except the kids actually pasted old pics of saints , animals etc. round a photo of a loved one . I even use real flower petals pine needles etc. with kids to paste on they love the different textures and it is so nice to use the real thing when you have it ☺

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