Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet My Allie ~ Lady & Lovely Lavender

I thought I'd post photos of my Lady Lavender
This is my outdoor Lavender that I purchased just this yr.
Now Manitoba is very ify for Lavender to over winter . In fact there is even a greenhouse that offers an over winter service for Lavender plants . I do also know some blessed people who have over wintered Lavender in their gardens outdoors .
So I planted mine in my front flower bed .I then placed fallen leaves over them and placed burlap bags on top . I am so hoping they will not die .
I've always dreamed of having row upon row of Lavender . I think it is my Mediterranean side coming out ☺
Anyway below are a few more photos of my plants both outdoor and indoor .
I've not started my journal yet ! But I do have two projects that I'm going to begin .

This really is cheating .I bought these at the end of Summer season . The big dept. stores just chuck out all the plants . It is  plantocide in my opinion !
they should at least have an effort to give plants away to shelters , group homes , hospitals etc.

I have never ever seen a Lavender flower ! nope ! always have purchased the dried flower buds but never seen them close up blooming !

They are almost like a purple pine cone with light petals on top ☺

Now this , this is real !
I planted these from seed about 5-6 yrs ago . they grew and never ever flowered .
Then this spring when I went out to the lake for so long to stay at Mum's place .
I placed them in the sun hot hot sun  my tea garden .
Yes they bloomed !
Lol it was funny the flowers were so so small
okay take the Lavender picture up top and shrink it by 7 lol that is how small they were .

These two littles are who I am choosing to work with this yr.
This one is Lovely

This one is Lady
I know she is straggly and kind of under kept so I felt she needs a confidence boost so I named her Lady .
Now I've two plants so one shall me used for my spiritual work and the other for my medicinal work .
The two projects I am starting are firstly a dream pillow .I thought that would be a good start . sew and embroider a little dream pillow stuffed with Lavender to place under my head at night .
The other project is I am over the winter months anyway going to make myself at night time just a small cup of warm lavender milk with honey .
The two projects were not planned together at all but they just evolved and they do go together don't they !
So as I work on these for now I will take some photos and post as I work along .
By for now , Rox , Lovely & Lady ☺

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  1. That is terrific you can grow lavender! I think it is beautiful! I have never had good luck with it,I guess it is not my plant....