Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas !

Just popping in quickly to wish You All a wonderful Christmas !
It is +1c here in Winnipeg lol
just a few photos to share with you . I'll post more in a day or two .
We are really laid back this year . no rushing shopping . dh bought a used snowmobile ( skidoo if your an old person like me lol ) and we took it out last weekend to the property so I'll post some of those fun photos too.
Our Yule party was a success but I lost my camera for 1 1/2 days !!! yes me ! my dh was in shock . Rox always has her camera attached at the wrist .
we had my friend Patrica appear with her 5 little ones 4 of them girls ! a treat in this very all boy home .
I also have a possible score on raw milk supplier so keep your fingers crossed ;-)
We have almost all of our beautiful children here with us this yr. Dacotah & Chayote moved back to Winnipeg ! Only our eldest dd Natasha is still out east .She owns a home and her own business so chances of her moving home are not high on the list .For this I am so happy we do have internet . I've already talked to her on the phone and sent her hugs & love via fb .
So this morning our dd Jasmine came over with our grandson mr. silly ridiculous .
Last night I wrapped up his wizard package I'd prepared for him .
check it out below

He was thrilled just opening it !
He is really into magic and I found a wooden magic kit by Melissa & Doug

one of those wands with the sparkles & stars inside ( his Mum had one just like it when she was a little girl )one of the Wizardology books & the wizard hat I made him out of my old witches hat .

He was thrilled & so excited his grampa helped him with some tricks .
He talked non stop about how do you get better at magic and when can he get his different hats . I have told him he will graduate from purple to black hat then on to the final hat a white one just like Gandalf ;-)
I can't say enough what a joy it is having grandchildren .

and granny ! what did granny get ?
The Flintstones s1 !!

some brand new jars to store my herbal goodies in

and yes red licorice !
this granny has a sweet tooth and yes it is totally junky not good for me that is why I have a jar of acidofilous and container of yogurt waiting for me come boxing day lol .

So below are two of my absolute fav Christmas songs I would love to share with You .
I hope You have a wonderful holiday however You celebrate .

The Huron Carol is my fav from childhood 

This is such a beautiful song and the children singing warms my heart .


  1. Thanks for sharing your day! Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Sounds like Your christmas wqas just perfect :-)

    I was at home just doing what I liked :-) I had already gotten a present from a friend in the US and I gave myself a present the other day when I ordered a new tv :-) The old one, really old over 15 years actually, has started to give up now. It shows all colors with a green glow to it :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day and a good ending of this year!