Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Pagan Reading Challenge

You know what ? I'm going for it !
I think this is going to me my year of the book , well more so my year of share the book lol
I discovered this challenge over at The Domesic Pagan
I have been just putting into works the beginning of my spiritual journey for this yr. I have very much decided to follow the red road again but this time with much more focus on the spiritual .
I of course still cannot keep my hands off witchy books ;-) I'm reviewing Silver Ravenwolf's Solitary book and her Witch's notebook right now .
I have Kate West's book in the mail too .
I can't not follow my instinct into new and evolving themes .
I am also doing a book read from sacred texts . right now reading The Golden Bough
This comes as I said right at a time when I have made the commitment to follow this path . so although I may read a few wiccan witchy type books throughout the year . My everyday prayer , purpose and offerings will be to the aboriginal teachings .
I feel very much called to study the ghost dance so I hope to do much reading on this .
This also comes in the year blessed Kateri is to be canonized so I feel it appropriate .
I love history and via homeschooling and how I was taught by my grandmother I love living history books . I have two books I'm reading right now one on Crazy Horse the other the story of a Cree woman .

So dare I be brave and enter in at a high level ☺ I think so lol
I am entering at the Elder level 36-40 books

however I am also going to enter at a different level because of homeschooling and reading to my grandson .
So for my work with him and books for ds10 I will enter at Beginner read 11-15 books . You can always change your level too later on .
I have taken out several books on native american stories for children too I want to read these with the kids our older children knew all these stories but I have to say in my yrs being catholic I neglected to read these to the two younger boys . So we've alot of catch up to do .
I am planning to focus on the medicine wheel with them this year and learning the native american astrology too .
I am also going to commit to helping grandson work on his first level of wizardry . We gave him the book for Christmas and I feel it would be a nice activity for he and I to do together . Have him over once every other week to study his magick ☺
So that is it . I guess I will post once I've actually read a book , well I actually am going to do a book review right away but it will not count because I read it two months ago and planned my review before I discovered this challenge lol
Oh I like this an inspiration for me to get offline and read more ☺

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