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Arianrhod & Aboriginal ~ Double A

Pagan Blog Project
Letter A , week 2

Well, it is almost 11pm and I'm sitting down to write letter A , really secretly wishing it were letter P so I could write about pie !
I don't know why I hit a funk today , but I did . I know my posts will be short I won't lie , won't find any brilliance here , may be sort of dull in fact .
anyhow my first A is for Arianrhod ! I only discovered her a few evenings back on Kitchen Witch ~ Craft & Magick  a really wonderful blog  . She'd put up a post about Arianrhod . Now I will be honest I just have ever been drawn to nor that interested in Celtic paganism or even European paganism and after having my soon to be 4th yr and a day anniversary I'm still just not into it. Yes I tend to still have my historical interests , cultural interests but the spiritual it is just really hard for me . Even the aspect of triple goddess is foreign to me because I've always seen our life in 4 stages just as the moon . this is from my native traditions learned so young . I have worked with Athena , Vesta & Kali before and very much so for the specific intent and know I am close with them/her . Yet I've never felt called as of yet to have one main deity to walk with me always to be goddess within me . who represents the true me . I also have never felt the need for a witch name as I do not feel I am witch I am medicine woman and my name strongtreewoman is my spiritual name .
So all this until a few days back ! When I met , Her , She . The Goddess in me ,
Arianrhod . When I read the description of her story being mother , hardships ,well as Mum of 6 I can identify . Moon goddess , I am known to be greatly effected by the moon and get this I am a morning person but 3-4 days to full I'm a hyper kook , or a prayer goddess if I'm focused right .
Goddess of the wheel , this all ties into my point of spiritual study right now . the #1 kicker for me though was , she is the caregiver , protecress of souls waiting !
This what a sign or good omen is , affirmation .
You see my spiritual work is always has been in protection , healing , teaching . One of the teachings is walking with souls , or as Nicholas Black Elk taught in the Lahkotah religion is called a soul keeper . I love being with the dead , who are not really dead because we never die anyway ;-)
I love as I've written over the yrs and posted a many photo graveyards . can't get enough of them ! Day of the Dead is my all time fav holiday /feast day . anyway my work with souls is well known especially those who have died violently via drugs , suicide , murder . Our new property is just up the road from a cemetery my family does not think much of it I know but me even though I've got oodles of provincial forest next to us and 160acres homestead .nope sacred burial grounds are where I long to be ☺
I honestly do not know much more of Arianrhod . I don't feel called to overload on info I feel she is with me now and always to call upon at any time what so ever . to sit and have tea to fight the child predator . keep me strong . If I am open more will be given so I can receive .
so onto my next letter


Meaning first peoples . Yep this December was the change . I'd put it off for long enough ! Lol I remembered the story of a priest he told me how he'd be on the farm and kept hearing " become a priest become a priest " he kept trying to make the voice shut up until many yrs later he just could not take it any more . He became a priest and realized he can still farm lol .
So yes I've been called for sometime now to follow the red road . I felt secure in my aboriginal catholic church for sometime , then gradually more and more the calling to follow pre Christian traditions kept coming . now my catholic church already is very not the stereotypical catholic church and most people just see and hear of the dominant American catholic culture . it is very different in Canada . our church has the 4 directions , pipe ceremony . So there is still much cultural and spiritual practiced of the aboriginal way. I really had a good intro to the medicine wheel via two Ojibwe sisters .
So I am still comfortable living a blended path which is my letter B week for sure .
I also love tradition . I love learning traditional ways be it gardening , house building , recipes etc.
I felt called now to focus on the spiritual .
So I have dedicated a year to mostly aboriginal teachings .
It is so easy for me to connect to creation and creator because this is what I was like as a child and encouraged to be . the concept of 4 directions and my creation is in all. I'm very much an earth based person . Mother Earth , Father Sky , Grandmother Moon & Grandfather Sun is what I was taught by Ojibwa tradition .
I am also focusing mostly on learning Sioux and Cree traditions but will be open to what ever is sent.
However I have been called for yrs now and kept feeling unworthy , not Indian enough , on and on . what it was excuses to not go forward and keep me stuck .
So yes the medicine wheel . I'd just begun learning more of the wheel via a wonderful and beautiful teacher when the wheel goddess showed up.
Then and I feel it okay now to mention it , only because I have acknowledged it out loud but still a bit reserved . The ghost dance . it has been yrs I am called to this . And yes for me , what is it ? The Dance of souls . lol should I have had the word duh hanging over my head all these yrs . !
The other thing is also the drum . I've known for yrs. also that I am to return to the drum. I still have the drum skin saved from my childhood drum and know I am to rebuild it with honour .The drum is the heartbeat of life . Mother Earth's connection to us . all creation has this heart beat .
The last calling I have is to the pipe . This was the one I had the most trouble with and again I will probably not mention this again unless asked to specifically to teach on the pipe .
Why me ? again , I'm not worthy . perhaps a bit of my catholic side coming out ? but then again I don't want this to be an ego thing , what if I just want the pipe so I can be special . why would the pipe call me ? it must be in my imagination .
Alas no my pipe would not shut up ! So I have answered her .
I have said yes I know You now . I know You and I have to admit I have a longing to unite to be one with my pipe ☺
I am assuming this is a personal pipe not a ceremonial pipe . thus far there have been no further instructions then to kick my butt , not to be rude and accept already !
So for this yr. so far I am praying each day in reads to the Ghost Dance , the Drum & the Pipe .

Below are a few books I am reading and have read .I'm very drawn to walk with Crazy Horse right now . My ds11 and I watched this dvd doc. Questions for Crazy Horse  it was really very good and yet not over ds head either . It was worth it just to learn about the monument built in Crazy Horse's honour by non native's for the aboriginals on the land he was fighting to keep as their own .  

Spirit Beings and Sundancers  just awesome !    

John Tootoosis bio of a Cree Leader this book is extremely good, there is alot of historical fact about how reserves were established and how treaties came about and exactly what treaties are and how they were not fulfilled .

I have many books on Indigenous Gardening because as it turns out this is the type of gardening I do . trendy people call it wildcrafting ;-) 

there are also children's books all of Michael Caduto's Books are amazing including his children's Native American Gardening

All his Keepers Books are incredible
Okay yrs ago when I was a young woman my gf gave me a book by Anne Cameron Daughters of Cooper Woman  I soaked it up . I also loved her  Dzelarhons: Mythology of the Northwest Coast

As a child my gramma gave me a book to learn bead work but I've lost it and cannot remember the title . lol I think it was a golden book but taught me really great designs . My fav beadwork is of the Woodland Cree   

There are also many many Aboriginal stories for children both Local & , Australia , Africa etc.
Our dd loved Paul Goble's books now we read them to our grandson ☺
That is it ! longer than I imagined lol   

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