Thursday, January 19, 2012

B is for Bottle

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B is for Bottle Witch's , Prayer , Protection

Yep I don't care what You want to call it .I was scared sh..less last week !
I had the witch's bottle come to me several times over the last 2 months . I'd done some good reading about them . bottles which are basically a form of containing items .burial pots thousands of yrs. old can be called witch's bottles of some kind .
However the bottle I was specifically called to was regarding protection .
Those who know me and my family we are not knew to the area of protection regarding child predators , inner city life , gang violence etc.
I can usually manage quite well. our home is safe and secure . we don't go in for alarms and such but we've got our husky dogs , know the when to have doors locked and so forth .
we've an awesome yard but also have an awesome fence . rarely do we feel unsafe when within our own home .
Yet I won't kid you, it has happened on the rare occasion . And when it does !
it is the worst feeling ever .It leaves you shaking trembling . when you really realize sometimes you have no control over the violence that people can chose to inflict upon another . Realizing you cannot control the safety of your children in a certain situation will be one of the worst experiences a parent has got to go through .Believe me we've experienced almost losing a child via illness several times it is a terrifying I never would wish for any parent to go through .
that we are absolutely helpless to protect our child . imagine people who have had children abducted ! if I shake because of the worry we may have someone harm us a child taken must be drop to your knees stuff .
as I write this the police helicopter is flying over head a new addition to the war on crime since last summer .
so yes just like that , what I'd put off for two months was done within a few hrs ! I went into a whiz !
I'd already read this great little write up on witch bottles like I said a couple months back .
there are a ton of others out there as well to read up on .
Usually the purpose was almost always regarding protection
I also read and had taken out that old time staple Solitary Witch by Silver . It was her instructions I used once all my items were gathered and the jar prepared .
Below is what I planned and used

Now I had in my head whenever the witch bottle popped up thought of items to collect and place in it . so I guess I wasn't really putting it off .
I also as mentioned tend to be a very much tradi in that we use what we have . where we live , what we grow & harvest ourselves . If we really need to then we might order something or go to a local East Indie shop but for the most part I try to live and especially my spiritual work use what we were given right here .
bottle recipes/ spells come with all types of ingredients so please think & pray on it before making your own .
For example almost all the spells call for urine but not all .
I chose my hair instead of urine .
some call for nails or tacks , I had for some reason felt called to save dead wasps this past Autumn with stingers intact . I'd not heard of the witch bottle at the time ;-)

Here are my items Wormwood, Pine , Hair, Oak, Rowan, Copal & Wasps.
I then sprinkled it with homegrown lavender my plant Allie this yr.

I did not have a face on my jar just a plan old jar or rather a new jar our ds22 had just given me for christmas

I stuffed the jar with a pic of Our Lady Guadalupe and also my incantation for Quetzalcoatl who is not only a protector and helper but also a strong maker of boundaries ! 
I then placed the herbs on top . I then made a mixture of sacred water , salt, oil and earth and poured it into the jar .
I can really testify that the gods
goddesses of Central America are strong protectors especially when it comes t children ,but then again so is Kali lol so maybe most are looking out for kids ;-)

I love how this is framed in the jar

Then of course with it being -33c outdoors the ground is terribly frozen . So I placed the bottle under our front step .
So far I have felt a sense of warmth and safety . some instructions say replace every 3 months some say leave it forever . I guess I'll go with my gut on that and just trust I'll know when another is needed ☺


  1. When I lived in a bad area as a Witchling, I made a Witches Bottle. It worked wonders, I felt. In a neighborhood of drug dealers and gangs, it was a perfect ward. Blessings. ~)O(~

  2. I love Witch Bottles and they have many a use. I love making them at Imbolc to sow my dream seeds for the year ahead :o)

  3. well, witch bottles have been on my mind lately too - to the point where today I knew that I had to do it - and was prompted to go out earlier than I planned to get the bottle and some ingredients. I never question this kind of thing - I just do it. So it is made. I too wonder about the placement, but I think that I will place it under my porch near the least for now.