Monday, January 23, 2012

Bedside Reading Challenge

Yes , I am going to try and partake in yet another reading challenge !
Each Month Chari ( I think this is how it works ) shall choose a random letter from the alphabet . We are to chose a book off our bedside shelf or nearest shelf that begins with that letter .
This month of January 2012 the letter M has been chosen .
I honestly hope I can do this one because it is actually encouraging me to read those books I already have .
I know January is almost over but I'm still joining in because I've a half finished book Mythologies by William Yeats that I started 3 months ago and just left .
I have so many books by my bed so I am limiting this to the one small handmade bookshelf my grandfather made . they are my own books where the others which are strewn round the bed are often mags , poetry or library books .
I don't know if this will encourage me to use what I have and not purchase so many books or not but it is worth a shot lol .

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