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Blended ~ Blood , Belief & Being

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Blended as in Blood , Belief & Being

I sort of wish the letter was D today so I could slack off and just say I'm Drained !
I've had the issue of assimilation come to me over the last two weeks the good/bad aspects of the topic .
and yet Blended maybe is the same word ?  it has equally good/bad qualities or stereotypes depending on the  attitude of people and the intention .Certainly Canada is a country that wishes to some extent have an assimilated society , the multi ethnic culture that  the gov. wishes to reflect many but yet remain one . some good and some bad outcome . What I have seen is with each decade , with each generation people usually have made the assumption they have it right compared to the previous generation . I think this can at times be a deceptive and arrogant assumption .
I am a blended person as were most my ancestors . Mixed blood .
Have experienced both the negative and positive aspects of being blended .
What I am most shocked with and dh mentioned just the other night how in what we see as such a global world and open minded peoples in a so called liberal thinking society still in the end for so many it comes down to the issue of skin tone . Blood line , belonging to one people , being of one belief . I was shocked when just a few weeks back someone who tries so hard to present themselves as being open minded did the whole judging one is not aboriginal if ones skin tone is not dark enough .
Blended blood , family ties . I don't believe blood is what makes us family just by mere DNA match ups .
Yet it how one identifies oneself with a specific group too , is it not ? One cannot claim to be Italian unless of Italian bloodline ? Yet if one immerses oneself within a culture or takes on a citizenship is one not then an Italian ?
What of belief ? Religious  or Spiritual or moral belief ? As a blended person one does not reject all of the belief of another , no one sees the truth and denial in all is what I feel. I believe belief can change , ones truth can change .
Is it not so that many of the old pagan cultures took on the religious beliefs of another ? Interweaving and blending .
I find this world very judging and the want of segregation runs very deep within many religious be they pagan or christian , muslim etc.
When I approached the catholic church in 1999 I learned so much within that time both good and bad but what it did most was reconnect me to my blended side  .I had to see how narrow I myself had been and how my pagan ways actually had led me to have a hate of christians . I even was instilling that upon our elder children . in the end hate is hate  & fear is fear no matter what so called religion we are supposedly practicing . I saw how my great grandmother may have prayed the rosary but also read tea leaves . How the love of ST.Brigid also opened me up to remember walking with fairies and how this is so totally acknowledged within the Irish culture .
That the 4 directions , Medicine Wheel and Pipe ceremony are not evil practices .
I love that I can walk with souls with Padre Pio and the Butterflies .
That I will dedicate our dd25 to ST.Brigid and the Goddess Danu on Imbolc .The witch bottle I just made involved pray to both Our Lady Guadalupe and Quetzelcoatl . This is how the Divine speaks to me personally as my blended self.
Being  of blended belief means we are to be open to learning , understanding & accepting the cultural , spiritual practices of another rather than believing ours is the only way .
Being a blended being instills balance &  having true contentment
I also feel very strongly that being blended means respecting tradition . That yes we share and give are open to receiving but also giving .
There are some who feel religion should remain to only one people , say the practice of the sundance . some even feel it is only for men to partake .
So what is it then ? For me I believe it is to be shared with all yet not meant for all to dance . I love the sundance but I am not called to dance this dance . perhaps I may be at some point asked to help be a caregiver for someone who is themselves dancing this dance . we all have our calling and role.
There are those who want to belong , who do things in wanting to be rather than being .
It is very important to me that we are open enough to see this within ourselves . Do I want to be just to fit in , be cool , to belong .
Also do I act selfishly wanting all for myself and not include others in order so I can get to the top and be important and special .
I know some like this and they are not true leaders if they have had to boss or push others away and be exclusive rather than inclusive .
Some seem also very possessive , which is different then being cautious and protecting .
 No one owns creation , no one owns the seasons , the waters , the moon , sun and stars . No one people nor religion can claim ownership to these things . Yet I see many get upset when someone of another faith wishes to honour the Creator by praying on the fullmoon .
That is not being blended it is rather being of narrow mind and often just as cliquey as the religious group some claim to be persecuted by .
Anyway I know to be true to self I need be well blended . I need to be open to change my blended self ongoing to continue to be apart of that sacred circle .

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