Saturday, January 21, 2012

dear religious bonkhead

I had been exposed to the old people judging others and more so people judging the religious beliefs of others . this happened to be the catholic judging catholic issue but it is prevalent all over the net . pagans judge pagans , christians judge pagans , pagans judge christians . it is a judgey mcjudger world at times . my next B word for the pagan blog project is blended as in blood , path , religion , culture etc.
It is pretty obvious that is who I am and whom I most associate with , even online but the online community has less control over abusive bullies than the little communities we can chose and make for ourselves . 
 Really I could've written this to any person but it just so happened I was sparked/triggered  by a catholic post do some catholics actually believe somehow the people of the  world or we so called fallen catholics are not aware of the teachings of or the CCC ?
 I mean as adult beings are we not to walk our walk , use our free will , own our sin or poor habits & unhealthy behaviours  and receive our graces ?
  is it really a calling of God/ Goddess, Creator , Divine  asking random people to come onto the internet and tell me an almost 50yo homeschooling mother of 6 beautiful heathens that I'm doing it wrong ? that I'm a bad bad catholic , pagan , heathen & not being a real one . even worse I'm to be grateful now and thank them for their devote holiness be they pagan or christian ? really ? instead of calling the police about the child predator down the street , volunteering at the food bank , driving a senior or seniors to church the grocery , cross the street  , reading to the shut in at home . God is asking all these wonderful people  to come online and tell me how bad, evil, and wrong we are so I can then come closer to God . Oh that worked !
really honestly when someone says they are praying for my soul .I love it ! I want people to pray for my soul ! however it is not out of real concern or love for another . what it usually means is mine is in such a pathetic state and not even remotely destined for heaven or another land of bliss . they in no way believe that I equally should pray with deep concern and love for their soul because of course they are above the need for prayer in regards to their soul anyway .
really is this what the Divine  is asking ? if Lord & Lady  asks you or I to pray for someone , do it ! but don't use Creator to make another feel less than , that is abuse and the worst kind using God Goddess as an excuse to harm another . Creator never gave us permission to harm another , never .
so these are experiences I've had & the reasons I just stopped blogging and showing my catholic self  , and yet my blended self is who I am I don't believe "they " got it all wrong . I believe there has been proof and truth in all peoples Creator has given and shared . That Krishna connects me to the sacred heart is a part of me , that I work with the Fey and love Momma Mary is me , how I worship . That I use herbs and trees , pray with the full moon . it is who I am . This is my spiritual being , how I try and figure it out . I am right I am wrong . I am a child of the Creator and I am loved . If I have gotten it terribly wrong I trust and believe I'll be open enough to receive that lesson .

 it was so strange for me to read on project pagan enough , them bashing a woman who wrote a book on The Christian Witch . I mean is it not her path ? is it not between she and whomever her god is ? but no now here was a pagan saying someone was not pagan enough . and the narrow minded assumption being pagan means a version of popular European paganism catch the wave ! I belong, I'm part of the pack and if you to not conform to the status quoe you are somehow not a pagan .

so I may be with the few but I so so love my blended self
 I truly feel if we are online trolling for people to criticize , point out how wrong they are doing it , we are not in union with any type of universal creator we are actually revealing the insecurity within ourselves and really do not have the confidence to know we are loved .
so perhaps the religious bonkheads will take a deeper look and ask themselves why do I need make another feel worthless , unworthy , less than and try to instill guilt in order for my own self to have a feeling of elation ?
enough said , I'm off to prepare my walk , collect my moose skins to begin my sewing my sacred outfit .


  1. To honor each persons path, endeavors, calling or journey is to live in peace.
    Your path, Roxie, is open and loving and inclusive. We need more crones like you (and me!)

  2. Joy I agree ♥ I'm so so blessed to have such beautiful soul susters . Love You