Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream Pillow Workshop II

Are You ready ? Am I ready , is the question !
lol I can't believe I felt so swamped this week and managed to get one dream pillow ready for today ☺
I did not get to embroider my Lavender pillow yet , so I am thinking I will have one more post next Thursday to show the stuffing and the finished Lavender pillow .
As I mentioned last week just take the time to collect items and study the stitch work were the basic instructions .
Below are photos and further instruction on patters , embroider design and stitching .
above is are the two sides for the pillow I did finish the embroidery on ☺

So did you find your felt , study stitch etc.
I love the book Felt craft it has great pics in front on the different stitches.

Like I said before I feel called to make most of my pillows in a leaf design I guess because I mostly add herbs to the inside .
I trace the leaf out on paper and cut out . sometimes I draw in the veins so I'll have an idea what I want when I begin sewing .

This little German Ivy has provided me with several leaves perfect for mini dream pillows

We then take our pattern and pin it to the felt

Often I like a leaf to be multi coloured so I will have a smaller size leaf to cut out

This will be my heart shaped Lavender pillow . I will embroider on a Lavender plant . at first I thought I'd sew on a smaller lilac heart but decided not but rather stick with plain white ☺
I also have made these in red/ white combos for Valentines  pockets and make a Valentine tree for the kids hanging the heart pockets filled with little treats

So there we go I have all the pieces cut out now .
Let us begin sewing

I began with the top piece . I pinned the smaller on top of the top piece .
I secure the edges all round . I sew then with the blanket stitch .

I then sew the veins in with a back stitch

You can see both stitches here back stitch for veins and blanket stitch for outer edge .. unfortunately a dog hair is in there too lol

I then began the back piece .
I almost always do the tree of life when using the Oak leaf pattern

I always make a spiral in the center using the back stitch . I use 4 colours single thread of each colour . These are the 4 direction colours . red, black , yellow & white
The spiral represents Life which is why I use it for the Tree of Life ☺

For the leaves of the tree I use a chain stitch and different colours to represent the seasons in life .

again the roots and outer sides , branches are back stitch . I have also done the tree sides with chain stitch too .

I have not stuffed this pillow yet as I will leave it for next week when the other pillow is finished as well.This is the wool I have from my Uncle's old childhood quilt . back then good heavy quilts were stuffed with wool . My gramma made this for him .it was well used believe me .

Lol see , believe me now !

There were even bits of seed and stuff still in the wool so we carded the wool which is just plain fun to do ☺

This is an older pillow I made last yr. just to give an example of the finished item . I sew the edge with blanket stitch .

So this week work on
#1 cut out Your pattern if you haven't already

#2 Pin pattern to felt and cut out

#3 gather your sewing supplies up sit down , make tea and begin sewing your design .

the next step is stuff with wool and place herbs , crystals , medals etc. inside stuffing and sew outer edge up.
However as I mentioned You can save that step for next week . embroidery takes time .


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! It's awesome. Definitely inspired to try it, and inspires some other ideas as well. :)

  2. This is a great tutorial! I love that you used the wool from you Uncles beloved quilt and I also love the tree of life.