Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dream Pillow workshop

I am thinking of offering some workshops here in our community a woman from our hs group is asking members if we'd like to put on workshops and I've been trying to think of ideas in cooking , crafts & spiritual topics that would be good for a workshop .
So one of the things I am thinking of doing is the dream pillow idea .
Dream pillow seemed a logical idea because I still have not made my lavender pillow so this is a motivator for me  to get my butt in gear lol
So I am going to post here online the steps and general info to make dream pillows & the purpose of dream pillows .
So this first week because I'm not with people online to offer herbs etc. I'm thinking to give you a general list of supplies and books etc. in order to prepare to put the dream pillow together .
I am also only going online once per week which will be on Thursdays .
So I will ask that we try and have our items gathered by next Thursday Jan.12th
I know that seems awhile but I want to have the next step done here so I can be one step ahead of my online people ;-)

So Dream Pillows what are they ? Think Aromatherapy !

Dream Pillows are just a container in which the art of aromatherapy is used to influence dreams or sleep outcome .
Some use these yes as a magickal spell but they are for all people . in the form of aromatherapy ☺
A dream pillow is a soft cloth container which holds certain herbs / scents which can help our dreams or our sleep patterns . These cloth containers are kept under ones regular pillow at night or on the night table next to where you sleep .
the container can be as simple or elaborate as you like . inside I like to use wool roving to cushion the herbs , some people may use just a linen or cotton casing , others chose just not to use an inner casing at all.
The outside can be as simple as a small pillow case and that is all .or you can decorate or use any shape you like .
I use leaf shapes . You might like an animal or heart shape etc.
So for this week I'd like if you can to either look at books or websites or both about dream pillows. Pray about what herbs you would like to use .
some suggestions I can give are lavender , juniper , mugwort , rose , pine , valerian .
above is a book Making Herbal Dream Pillows .
also you can do a search for herbs for helping one to sleep , to restore calm , for protection in different herb books . some spiritual and some medicinal .
some people may wish to add crystals too or a saint medal regarding a specific ailment .
now some people also use essential oils . I do not . Like my herbal teas I also prefer my herbal dream pillows to have the herb in plant form .
 So decide upon the herbs this week if you can .
Next You will need to collect sewing materials . You can go to Michael's craft store and get embroidery thread and felt or order from a natural supplier who carries such items . Here in Canada I like Maple Rose
In the states Nova Natural Toys carries items but I suggest looking in your local province or state if possible . 
You will need embroidery thread , felt squares in your choice of colours and wool roving . if you cannot find wool for the stuffing you can also use cotton balls and fluff them up ;-)
so the other thing is you will need to decide on shape of your pillow . I like to take an actual leaf from a tree or plant such as Oak , Virginia creeper or an Ivy leaf  . I then trace the leaf onto paper for my pattern . However for my lavender dream pillow I am making a heart shape .  
So this week you will need to collect your supplies plus make your pattern .
Okay the next step

Try and learn a little about the stitches. I am no embroidery whiz . I do love hand sewing though and I find learning new stitches fun .
This is a very good general info book on felt craft but also in the beginning lists several of the stitches used in making felt crafts . again check the library first !
now below are a few links just to look at and get an idea of stitches you may like to use .and how to do them.
 again I am not here to tell you to do it my way , I like to encourage people to create their own version . I have to say my sewing is much like my baking I tend to wing it as I go along lol

Future Girl has awesome tutorials on many things including simple stitches for felt work  

My friend Anne ( for you catholics check out her rosaries ! ) makes these gorgeous scapulars  she gives her tutorial too and also the link for stitching  rose buds here
So I know I tend to write on and on and this may seem like a lot to do and complicated .
It really isn't lol
#1 pray about , decide what herbs  & items to use & collect them
#2 collect sewing items , thread , needles, felt ,pillow stuffing
#3 decide on pattern shape and cut out pattern
#4 if you have time take a peek at different types of stitching for felt craft work

See not to hard
now let us see if I can have it all together by next Thursday Jan. 12th ☺