Sunday, January 15, 2012

new altar room

Since coming back from the lake and staying with my Mother  in Sept. I had been without my indoor altar space . I had a small altar in our bedroom but not the free space I am used to. Well come cold weather I had to move indoors and my spiritual practice lagged without having an area of my own .
Well I cleaned out our little spare room once ds22 was settled into his own place .Then my wonderful dh stripe the fir floors , painted the walls and I moved in ! I have to say it seemed to clean and barren at first but as I lit candles, smudged , books began finding space on the floor the room soon became mine .
After my first fullmoon time in it I now feel the space is truly scare space .
This week is my bday and I will do a special dedication to Blessed Kateri . I've not checked yet if Judika Illes listed Kateri in her latest book or not . I do hope so ☺
below are some photos to help give you an idea of what I like and use and my wonderful room of inspiration .

There is my chair from childhood my Mum would rock me in
the stool is one of the items my grandfather made .

this is a wall plaque that was always in my grandmother's cottage

I love the Llewellyn calendar because of Jennifer Hewittson's art work .

This was my Christmas altar

A few special items jaw bone I dug up when I was 4yo which took me all day to do lol

This was a piece my Mother always had when she gave it to me I striped the paint off

that is my fav stick that I have found thus far

close up, my prayer sticks are in the bucket by the radiator

camel bells. my gramma loved bells and always had strings of them hanging round her house .

prayer sticks

St.Benedict medal with homemade wooden beads of protection pine & cedar

I have always wanted a fireplace indoors so moved my outdoor hearth indoors

old shelf I keep the items I use for fullmoon

painting that belonged to my great auntie and the skin from my childhood drum my grandmother gave me .I am going to make a new drum ☺

 this is the clay etching my ds made tree of life

Eagle feather

special items in drawer

blessed Kateri

staff dh made and our gathering bags

this is a rock from my grandmothers cottage . I call it the godhead

prayer stick ds made when he was 12yo

Jan. fullmoon

cleaned up getting ready for Imbolc

fullmoon altar

this is a bag our ds bought me when he was 7yo at a yard sale . after a few yrs I thought I could sneak it out of the house . he saw and was deeply hurt I would give away his gift .so I knew I had to find a special purpose for it . I keep all my fullmoon prayers  & bundles in it .

prayer sick and knife

stones and resins

our dd gave this fairy journal 5 yrs ago .I began using it only for my fullmoon writings . once full it shall be full of all my fullmoon experiences

angel bell

pouches to hold my sacred items

little shells from the lake make wonderful dishes

this is the outfit I wear bought 28 yrs ago in Chiapas MX.

a bit of everything ☺


  1. Merry Meet! Congratulations on your new altar room. It is toally awesome! I sooo enjoyed the tour of your sacred space special tools. I love reading your blogs. They are so full of knowledge and inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

    Brightest Light and Blessings!

  2. You made a beautiful room,I love when every piece has meaning and memory...a history with you! I am the kind of person who likes the same,,I would rather have my old stuff with my history that new any day! When I do get a new piece,it is usually something old from and antique store or estate sale.Happy birthday !