Monday, January 9, 2012

Pagan Blog Project

Yes I've decided to join yet another project !
I am liking this because it is giving me community and a way to stay focued on my projects I need to see through .
This really will tie in nicely with the Pagan book readings too .
So yes I have jopined the
how it basically works is we journal and share every friday people partaking will write a post on their spiritual pagan journey . We are to write on a topic that begins with a certain letter of the alpahbet for two weeks each friday .
I've already missed the first week as I didn't know about the project .
I think this is a great idea and it will help me to focus on my spiritual walk .
So this friday I hope to post my first on my red road journey .


  1. That sounds like a great project and a good way to keep your focus!

  2. I love this so far, found some pretty awesome blogs! c:

    On a random note...

    I’ve been tagged and now I am tagging you, feel free to choose whether you do this or not (obviously), but if you choose to do it, here is the link!