Friday, February 10, 2012

Call to Baneful Herbs & Flying Ointments

I have really felt called to write about my Calling to work with the Baneful Herbs ( this is not a complete list ) 
First off let me say this is my personal calling & experience , I cannot speak for others , I a not teaching how to use baneful herbs for your own personal use .
I have only just begun a slow process of getting to know these plants of mystery .
As most know I am called to work with many plants within my spiritual life be it tree, flower , herb or root. At times I do work with other items such as bone , elements etc. however all my prayers work with and are connected to the plant world .
Plants I was unfamiliar working with were these baneful herbs . Yes I know the local poisonous botany of our area and to the extent I always stayed away from them . be respectful. They wish to for most part be left alone .
I also believe this is due to I raised 6 children and also was caregiver to many other children . So the working with these plants just never came up .
I first encountered knowing of people consuming these plants via a dear friend who for whatever reason always has been called to be near these plants . She in fact has experienced the effects of monkshood , tansy and also the milder Himalayan impatiens . Her garden is awesome like I she is a free spirit and wild gardener .
As some who know me closely know my ex passed away almost 3 yrs ago due to lung cancer . This was only almost two yrs of him losing his common law partner to a heart attach . She was somewhat of a beginner gardener . When my dd was left to inherit all his belongings this included the home and all the plants within the yard . It was April and  luckily a very warm spring some of the snow had gone and I could identify Lily tops dried , roses etc. There were some non known plants to me but not knowing what the new owners would do to the place I chose to take many plants along .
Devils Club showed up along with some gorgeous wild Lilies . However there was one viney type plant I did not know . it in a shaded area as she had it placed . It grew and began to vine about . It was my Mother who said it looked like a nightshade .

Sure enough The plant produced these most beautiful little purple flowers & a dark orangish red berry .
I was scared !
I knew my friends experience with these plants and I unlike she was not yet prepared to try nor work with this plant .
Yet I no longer have small children . I was not even providing daycare for our grandson any longer .So I felt I was to leave her . Just respect her presence .
This is what I mean when we are really called to work with a plant or herb . It can take yrs . It is not a rush rush thing .
So there she sat for one yr . Belonging , settling in . Then it came to be , Last Summer , the call to protection again . Very much rowan but something else extremely powerful and strong .

 My garden was not the glory she usually is . Having been in transition out at my Mother's for 5 months , buying our land I only had those plants which abound on their own who also are very free spirits .
 Darling Nightshade came to me yet again !
I made a very special prayer stick of protection , binding and banishing .
This was for a specific family deep in denial about generational child sexual abuse ( incest ) keeping children safe & an abuser away .
That was that , back to letting her rest .
Then yet another plant has begun over the last two yrs to present itself .

Yet another member of the nightshade family .
I only knew of Mandrake via the movie Pan's Labyrinth . That as it . Both male & female a two spirited plant .
Came to me a yr. ago.
Again I was fearful but rather I am beginning to see this is not so much fear as my gift of true discernment which always involves great prudence ( caution )
should I not be cautious ? Should I not wish to be open to know true intent & purpose ?
Of course !
Mandrake has led me over the yr. to learn more of Flying Ointments
something which I learned via Susun Weed ( such a long time mentor ) & an article in Llewellyn's 2010 Herbal  . I have been studying . I am not sure yet at this point am I to personally use such herbs in something like a flying ointment or perhaps again for certain ritual & prayers within fire , candle , stick . You see I was reminded that I already have that which most use flying ointments for . The purpose is clear vision . perhaps at some point I will be in need of an ointment for this purpose on a personal level. But what was shown to me is I have already as this is one of my being receiving true vision .
This is what discernment and time really value time as a tool will lead to .True awareness.
Well today I learned Not now ! not for me . For another !
I know the who and the why ! Mandrake I thought perhaps it was personal to help me regarding our fiances to build on land . As Mandrake is also used for this purpose of finance .
Lol for all I wish this to be about me , it figures it was not . I am merely the shaman called .
 So mandrake it is in regards to a woman . From the same family mentioned before . The other adult in the situation who has the power to stop abuse . Yet views oneself as victim because she herself is not healed from sexual abuse .
That is it . Mandrake powerful sexual healer . True sexuality not twisted and destorted .
This person is a dry drunk now not a recovered alcoholic and the child most abused is now damaged from yrs of street life suffering brain trauma from meth/crack addiction .
What is this woman investigating now ? Flying ointments !
Okay this is where I will speak and tell people who should not use a flying ointment !
Those who have suffered from addiction and especially those who have not recovered use , if ever .
My dh like many who do use flying ointments have tried other plants sources that produce similar effects . although ointments are not to produce hallucinations ! we are not addicts . There was a time I thought I was but I found out via counsel no I never was an addict.
I also want to point out some are called to work with herbs some are not . It does not mean people should not garden , grow things . Even I go to an herbalist for most medical ailments .
 However I come from traditional herbalists , midwives both my great grandmothers and many aunties as well were also . My people always have been cunning folk and country bumpkins .
I am I am not a wanna be and I know it may sound harsh but it is truth many do not know what the hell they are doing !
I just illustrated the amount of time It has taken me to work with just two herbs !
So now my Mandrake shall be on its way and I still will need time to pray on the how I will be working with this herb but there is no doubt of the why I was called !
which brings me next to my next little fellow !

Yes with the issue of baneful herbs and psychoactive plants coming up .
I feel the need to learn more about this one
. Why , well today just this morning I asked the question why .
I remembered just after my ex and I split up to get myself up and out again & heal I began to attend art shows , classical concerts & foreign film .
One of the best films I've ever viewed was a Spanish Film The Spirit of the Beehive  . It was an amazing movie of family dysfunction what people do with their unhappiness and how lost children can become when neglected .
The little girl the main character finds this mushroom .
The mushroom in the movie reminded me !

5 yrs ago when walking we came across three oak trees trying very hard to grow within the forest. This is a rarity in the boreal forest as it is mostly coniferous trees , some birch polar but rarely oak .
There was this one of the tallest
and then two others little babies struggling to grow

At the time we had been desperately been praying for the afore mentioned family,  the mother and her twin teens . They had just begun using crack and she declined to belie. Our children cried often that yr. for this family . Who knows the healing that could come had the mother actually listened .
The boys and I prepared a ceremony . We made a special smudge and our ds brought his eagle feather .
We smudged each tree and said prayers .
Since that time one of the baby trees has perished and the other is very stunted and not growing much at all.
However what reminded me how this is all connected and not let self doubt come about was this little fellow

Now this mushroom appeared out of no where !
Our family has never seen this variety here ever . Not in the past . Not since this day .
These mushrooms do grow in the boreal forest but they are not known to grow here in our province or our area .
I feel very strongly we are to continue our prayers for this family , even though I do not wish to. I wish with all my heart they'd leave all parts of our memory . Yet it is not to be so .
So I await the arrival of mandrake and shall continue to pray on the flying agaric .
I will continue to be open to the fact should I be led to the use of flying ointments for myself .But thus far I've only been shown the why I'm not to and just work respectfully with these plants in a non ingestive way .


  1. I loved reading this. Thank you ever so much for sharing. I work with Mandrake and would love to discuss with your. Dallas Willow

  2. Rox,
    I always love reading about your plant journeys.I am glad you take the time to share them!