Thursday, February 9, 2012

Centered ~ Community ~ Christopagan

Centered ~ Community ~ Christopagan

Letter C ~ PBP

We are planning to go offline soon , so I'm trying to get any online work done today .Then it shall be every Thursday at the library for us so I may end up having to post early to PBP each week .
I still have several reading / writing commitments online and I intend to make PBP a continued dedication . I am learning so much and have been forming some very wonderful friendships as a result of partaking .
Which brings me to my C topic of the week . Community ! I honestly think it a very rare thing people called to hermitage & isolation . Not that some are not but even hermits had/have outside communities whom helped them at times .
 do like my alone time but also thrive on my family , gal pal and other communities.
Then I began to think of my beautiful communities , fellowships . It led me to see and know how much I value both my christian & pagan communities but also my awesome christopagan communities .
I began to think of my communities online .
How being dead headed pagan outright and christian hating  , then going the complete opposite deep into hardcore Catholicism being afraid of the occult . This does not mean I was not me . 
I've always been a pacifist , peace builder , protector , wisewoman .
If we are open we will always be open to ackonowldge our fear , prejudice and grow .
Then emerging myself again to be more balanced and all I can be .
Not to judge others because the fact is all communities have people who are fearful. I've met horrid abusive fearful  pagans just as there are  christians .Some within my own family .
Yet who am I drawn to , people of like mind , within all religions .
Peers & Mentors often from both communities.
I am balanced , Centered .
Yet are there not so many who are blended . Who are open and accepting what has been passed down .
I am a very tradi person as I've said before . I tend to like to get to the root how people lived , practiced ritual etc.
Online I have really great community but I was thinking here I do too and the plans we make to return home to our property . I realized how we in fact returning to
both christian and pagan ways .
As in most small communities the church is a place where people gather , the churches tend to be thriving compared to the churches within the cities.

We are returning more and more to traditional aboriginal teachings . Our ds16 is joining the drumming group and planning for a vision quest with the elders .
We are learning tradi ways of living off the land such as hunting and gathering but also the ceremonies.
It is strange but it is within the christopagan communities I have not heard the I'm not catholic enough or I'm not pagan enough . I can just be me .
During the teaching of the medicine wheel a medicine man told me he got alot of slack from people on the reserve for attending church . Yet he said it is who he is . He totally encouraged me to attend . Our church has pipe ceremony , the 4 directions etc. . I love it .
I connect very much with celtic christianity not so much the pagan , yet I am trying . I think it very european and hard for me to connect compared to the more Indigenous religious ways .
what I hope is I become more and more open to how the divine wishes to connect with me .
I want to not ignore but receive .
I know someoneso stubborn headed it is very evident that Our Lady Guadalupe is calling her . Yet because of her fear of the catholic church ( afear that is not even hers but rather passed on . ) she keeps ignring her . It keeps this woman stuck for yrs searching and searching . when one easy " hello " would open her up to a whole new growth . 

Ceremonies which often are also now included within the catholic church .
I know some hardcore baptists say catholics are pagans ( this is expressed as a bad thing by them ) because they use statues , beads etc. well perhaps true catholics really are pagan , with 3 in one etc.have you seen thge shrines at Chimayo ! trees with cards , rosaries and milagros all nailed on .  
Ceremony even in old Europe often included celebrating known pagan feasts such as lamas or May day within the walls of christian churches. I honestly think this is why the concept of thanksgiving in America was come about because of the old pagan celebrations in Europe .
How many witches who were burned were actually christians ?

how may good and horrid influences did pagan Rome have on the the christian religion  .
also people mistake not all aboriginal peoples were of pagan religions either many tribes believed in one creator such as old man , great spirit etc.

I know many people want to say people gave up pagan ways to worship christ but I don't personally believe it .
Many pagan peoples took on worship of gods, spirits etc. of others .
I just recently received a book about Blessed Kateri written by a Mohawk author from an aboriginal prespective .


I think of people like Kateri & Juan Diego

and Brigid too. Did they stop their ritual and ways of worship. ? I highly doubt it . When we here Brigid became a bishop this was a common celtic christian practice a bishop is a priestess . I think she believed Jesus was god just as much as she'd have believed Danu was .
I also was thinking of ancient christopagan religions . how this is not a knew thing .
the evolution of a religion too.
Look at Hoodoo,  PowWow , & Curanderismo 
look at the Rom peoples and the Fairy Doctors of the Iles .
 how many cultures incorporate the religious practices and take on belief of others is not knew , it always has been .
I have thought of my ancestors and what has been taught and given . did they get it all wrong ? just the christian ones ? just the pagan ones ?
No ! of course not .
Why on earth would I not believe in both fey & saints . Krishna & the Sacred Heart .  The Devil & Krampus  
I think I was born into investigating it all .To be open mind.  . My great grandmother who was Pennsylvania Dutch was very interested in Hinduism at the same time Helen Nearing was .
My Lebanese Catholic Great Grandmother prayed the rosary but also beleived in spirits , read tea leaves knew omens etc.

I think of people who wish to insist beautiful people belong to their religion just like the seasons , sun , moon & stars . nope , the only thing it all belongs to is that who created .
So there are some beautiful christo pagan souls who have inspired me Like Chief Dan George 

Nicholas Black Elk
Thomas Merton

what about ST.Francis ?

Hildegard is someone who taught me so much about herbal & elemental spirituality . I love this painting of her with the flame coming out of her head !

Her work is just so incredible. I can't help but think had she been born in another century or two she'd have been placed on trial as a witch .

Anam Cara is a Celtic Pagan practice continued on by many celtic christians .

Some modern day people be they christian or pagan or both have been true leading lights in how many of our lives such as juliette de bairacli levy

Jeannine Parvati Baker

Harish Johari
Susun Weed

Dali Lama

Momma T

of course there are books
that I love that help me in being true to who I am
I love Judika Illes writings .

Someone just recommended this book to me . I can hardly wait . As I have really felt called to work very much with the baneful herbs and flying ointments . I 'm trying to absorb all I can in prep for growing , harvesting , these plants . I also feel close to Pan right now ;-)


  1. Great post! We have a handful of Christopagans that attend our public rituals. They are some of the best people I know and an important part of our community. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks to You both ! wow I have neglected my blog and also my followers !
    I am so glad You took the time to respond . It also had me re-read what I wrote lol