Friday, February 3, 2012


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You will find many different ideas and labels as to what and who a Curandera is .
I am a Curandera so I speak for myself who I am I don't follow a label , I don't call myself because someone says I am . I just am .
Curandera  is the Latino name from central America and is a Healer , Soul Keeper , Giver of names ,  Shaman , Cunning , Wisewoman , Intercessor .
That is who I am .
The gift of knowing , some taught but mostly just given from the Divine .Most of what I know , practice I could not teach to just anyone either . It would have to be someone like myself who is also just given .
I know yes there are courses now , people wanting to be . and perhaps some truly are just trying to find something forgotten .
Yet all ancient communities and even not so long ago had healers , hunters , warriors etc. Not all were called to be a Curandera .
My great grandmother was this person . She yes had to learn some new plants but most just came naturally to her .
Since childhood I naturally collect and pick , touch the earth and know the tree.
Society really helped me forget in my teen yrs.
I am also extremely under valued and I know it .
The lay person really does not have a place in the world of medicinal and spiritual . Unless I go off to attend Wild Rose college and study for 4 yrs and then I have the label of herbalist .
well I'm not just an herbalist .
I'm me
so what do I do ? give up ?
No , I just keep going helping the few who respect me for who I am . I see many yes who could use my help but sadly prayer is the only offering I can give them .
I teach my children what I can but know very well it is they who will be taught by the Creator when they are open enough to know their true calling . Of course I can usually see quite clearly a persons true calling but it is not my place to tell them unless they come to me . I can offer help but it is up to them to  recognize their need and want it and receive it .
No hocus pocus , I am and do what is given to me
I collect what is sent , I pray what is asked .
I do not need fancy statues from far off places made of petroleum based product . I do not need wait two weeks for some herbal cure from India to arrive .
I have what was given here and now . Rarely would I need spend money and if also it is on beeswax candles or seeds which I can plant for my own use and purpose .
My tools are old and of nature around me . Bone , Shell , Berry , Leaf , Root , all here in our own environment .
I live in one of the most unhealthy areas of our city . The people dieing generation after generation from the effects of assimilation . I know so much healing can come via our common plants and diets lost etc.
Yet when a people have lost the confidence that they do not have the power to help themselves , that they need be taught by an outside educational philosophy , an outside judicial & policing  system , an outside medical system .It is of no use .I offer my sources for free and very few accept them .
What I need focus on is our family and those few who do wish to learn and continue to work with the Creator in a wholesome respectful way .

There are a few books about the Curandera which I have enjoyed

Of all the Curanderos I really relate to and have a connection with is Don Pedrito

Much prayer

Laying on of hands

even the dieing need healing

when I read this it really hit home for me , as Mexico becomes more and more Americanized and big business move in the lay people are lost and under valued .

I loved this painting and it reminded me also that Curanderas work with animals just as much as with plants & people .


  1. Beautiful post; so sad that it is becoming as lost practice.

  2. Thank You for sharing.... Curandera(o)s are still accessible in the southwest... Most don't "advertise"...