Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter D ~ Dance Dress

Letter D ~ Dance Dress

I was struggling with what my next D word would be . I had thought dance then dress , then had almost made up my mind on devil .
Then last night after attending the opening ceremony for the grow local food conference and listening to Winona Laduke speak I knew .
The Dance Dress was it .
I love how when we are patient good stuff comes.
 I have another post going on and about isolation of not being one of the crowd especially when we do not have money .
As I mentioned in earlier posts I have felt a calling to the Ghost Dance for some time now. This is the year I accepted that calling .
The calling to a dance of souls , a dance of ancestors , a dance of peace and most of all a dance to restore unity of all relations .
I am one who loves to go by and learn true & real tradition .
I am also one who believe it very important to follow calling and not get caught up in doing just because everyone else is doing it.
 Many I know are doing the Sundance . Many who are not called to partake in it .
It has become part of generic trend to be cool etc.
Of course there are traditional sundancers & dances happening . Many are called to return to this dance . Yet not all are called .
To enter into sundance one is to either dream of it or be told by an elder to partake . This dance is for all who follow the red road and not just for aboriginal peoples . It is shared just as any other spiritual and religious teaching . a Caucasian person dancing the sundance is no different then a Chinese person receiving the eucharist . if one is meant to do so and it is ones calling it just is .
This sundance has never been given to me .
I respect and honour that .
I felt unworthy that my call to the ghost dance was not real . Why me ? I'm a nobody downing myself etc.
Then my teacher said I have to believe in me who I am as shaman , teacher etc. then the dance is mine .
I feel very strongly in the power of prayer . Dance is a very strong method of prayer .
I have always loved dance since childhood. I tend to like very traditional forms of dance .
In aboriginal culture here I am most drawn to the traditional dance of the men more than the women. I think that is a little of my two spirited person .
I love the shirts and dresses that are truly traditional adorned with real beads of stone , wood & seeds , shells etc. painted with natural colourings .
I see the ghost dance it is a dance for both genders but mostly two spirited peoples .
I felt I need to make a dress . To work on this during the next year.
So I've been studying ghost dance shirts & dresses .
I know I need hands and a Thunderbird image . I know it needs red, yellow , black & maybe white .
I will attach gifts found during the next few seasons as spiritual gifts helping me to prepare for this dance .
Okay I still haven't a clue where I am going to take part in this dance . However the one thing I do not have doubt is that it will be sent it will be given the where & the when .
Last night I had such an affirmation of the right road . The ceremony began with drum and dance . The Hoop Dance !
I had not seen the Hoop Dance for 20 yrs !
Our ds Dacotah loved the Hoop Dance and when I learned that one usually starts at a very young age I was sad I had not sought out the means for Dacotah to take part in this beautiful gift .
Then Winona told the story of the Winnemem Wintu and their dance to return the Salmon
It gives me great hope . Like these people I have sorrow . yet it does not mean I give up. No so I will continue to teach our children once again the aboriginal ways . Return to the callings we each as individuals are called to . I've no doubt Dacotah will find his dance again as he has begun to attend sweats and meet with elders .
The Ghost Dance for me personally makes sense it is and will help me to grow more into who I am and my role as shaman .
A very sacred and soulful time to journey .
For this I am Blessed

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  1. Loved reading your article. Very inspirational