Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter D ~ Drum

Letter D


The Drum is often said to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
When the drum is played it is the intuition reminder of our life within the womb .
When I was a child my Grandmother gave me a drum . I loved my drum so much . It helped keep me strong and grounded .
As I grew into a teen I became separated from the drum . Then as a young adult and new parent I neglected my drum . I gave it to my kids to play with and ultimately all that is left of that drum is the skin .
I have felt a calling back to the drum since I began attending the aboriginal catholic church . Yet all attempts to join a group kept falling through .
Last yr when I attended the Medicine Wheel workshop I was reminded once again my call to the drum . A man shared his story of how he had also lost touch and then one day he walked into the friendship center and they were drumming . It reminded him of when he was a child and the drum would call to him from across the river . Often it was pow wow drum he heard yet he was told he could not attend . pow wow was bad . a heathen thing to do etc. he went through most of life drifting , feeling less than . Until that day he met the drum again .
I love pow wow drum so much it is such a a strong calling . I am thankful for my mother at least having the nerve when I was a child to take me to pow wow , the friendship center and giving me that healthy exposure .
I also love the traditional dance to the drum . it is a form of prayer for me and also helps me be grounded .
So now I am struggling . Do I make a drum or buy a drum ? There is a drum I like the image on it is of Mother Earth . Yet it somehow seems wrong to me to buy a drum .
It seems more personal to make it myself.
My dh is a musician and mostly a drummer . He is excellent & brilliant when it comes to afro , cuban & jazz, funk rhythms . He has made himself drums so it makes sense he help me . Yet his time is so limited .he is working so hard on other projects .
I'm not quite sure where or what I am to do next but I do know I need not be afraid and this is to be the year I connect to my drum .
I have learned a little of celtic style drumming from back in my folky hippies days and I enjoy it too .
I like some female artists like Kelliana and Loreena Mckennitt . The Dragon Ritual Drummers remind me of my dh ☺

However the drumming I love most and am connected to most is that of Native Americans especially the Sioux

I am also interested in having the drum be a tool to help me more in my vision & prayer work so am trying to read more about how this is done in Shamanism .
This I think is the true calling right now in walking with Kateri the pipe and the drum . To work on my personal spiritual being in order to work and help community .
The drum calls and reminds me of my great mother . My gift of life and who I am .
I return to her great womb , to grow , be comforted , gather truths & strengths .
Emerging renewed and rebirthed .
This reminds me of the Lenten season so much .
I have also felt a great calling to fast again . In the christian season I love lent . I love fasting . working on what needs to be cast out in order to grow.
What better way to get clean then to spend time with our mother .
To listen to that heartbeat and in fact become one with it yet again .
As a mother myself I wish to pass on that wisdom . Those traditions to help keep our children connected . It has got to be one of the worst fears for a parent that children would become lost and not know how much they are loved . I beleive if we give them good solid traditions to come back to just as we do when we fall they will always come out strong. Our ds16 & ds24 have begun to have interest in the sweatlodge etc. ds16 especially can benefit from connection to the drum I feel. He has chance to attend a youth group to be a part of drumming and prepare for vision quest . I think to encourage him in this is a must so he can have a healthy future . I can just him using his strength with the drum in such a positive way to help himself and share with others.
So I have no doubt that there is a great spiritual journey ahead for both myself and our family with the drum this year . I am feeling very blessed and humbled at the same time for this truly is an honour and I am so grateful to recieve such blessings .

Below is a youtube video I found I ho[pe it works


  1. Very enjoyable. I'm a lover of the drum, the first one to own was one that I bought from a craft store--a child's toy. I love's voice is little higher than what I want, but I'll save that for the next drum. ~)O(~

  2. I don't think it matters if you make your drum or if it is made for you, as long as it has spirit. I hope you do go back to your drumming!