Monday, February 13, 2012

Perspective ~ bring it home

After living the past week in doubt , the weekend came , and Thank the gods for change , change of perpective .
My dh & I were getting lost in th9is sea of doubt again .
will it ever happen , where do we belong , what are we doing ?
I was looking at shaman courses costing over $250. something which we could never affrod .
something this weekend brought us back to !
I am an shman . true shaman do not charge money ! Be they local or international a true shamans purpose is to help community and it will never invove moneies . And the ones we teach are choen to help community as well that is the only purpose to teach another . Not to be self serving , to be strong and powerful and have attention as a guru witch !
So out of that came the reserction ! renewed spirit once again .
we do have and come from a beautiful community .
see the picture above , I just can't beleive that I will wake to this every day . that it is our choice and it is the most right one for us .
Below are pictures our community both woods and happenings .

rose hip

morning pine

birch snow

walk to lake

frozen fish heads from ice fishing make dogs happy

flowwing deer trails

and a few people trails

we attended the Grand Old Opry show where performers act out roles of famous opry folk . such as Dolly



the band was awesome we love our Metis music guitars , fiddles etc. what is it with living in swamps & fiddle playing lol

We then attended the Interfaith service & pancake breakfast

There was the Bells of Praise choir !

Dad & Adventure boy enjoyed it very much

I had never seen this group , they are amazing , really beautiful

There was even a horse sleigh !!

We met family & friends and were so encouraged by people to begin our little farm and help in the community . 

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  1. the concert looks like fun and the sleigh rides! I played in the bellchoir last year at church,it was hard but lots of fun.I do not think we were very good though,lol!
    I am so in agreeing with you,true spiritual healers only do it to help ,not for $$! I wish people would understand this...someone that offers to help you but wants money only wants to help themselves. Your woods are beautiful!