Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yoga & Dead people

 this  irks me the wrong way  these writings ( not all ) . Now I know where she and many like her are coming from .They are deeply rooted in the belief that being a true catholic really means you have a certain image mainly a catholic american or european image . It is actually a cultural image not given by god but made up by people . you don't talk to trees , you don't use herbs in prayers etc. you may eat healthy even have a home birth but you are supposed to seperate the creation of other god made things from people . so say goodbye to such saints as hildegard , francis , charbel and others then ;-)

Awhile back she wrote about the new age community taking hold of her area . and the post was mostly about why catholics are not and do not pray to dead people .
what ?
then what the hell is intercession then ? what in the veneration of relics then ?
praying and honouring the dead is about one the most pagan things catholics do !
when calling upon the virgin mary or st. francis what is one doing exactly ?
asking the intercession of that departed soul who is now a spirit to help us !
Thats it nothing more or less .
I have trouble with certain aspects of the new age community too but honestly it is the human greed aspect that is a part of all religions and all peoples even if they d not practice a religion .
raping land of gold and silver to line huge cathedrals or taking gemstones out of the ground to heal someones back pain are the same selfish practices !
so in response to her yoga thing  I remembered the article I wrote about it and get this it was almost exactly one year ago that I wrote it .  
I also wrote about the difference between assimilation and the confusion people have regarding culture and religion . The church in Canada and some other countries now practice  Interculturation  now I know some disagree with me but I believe the sharing ones religion and spirituality is okay and there are many missionaries who do this be they pagan , Buddhist , hindu etc. if we share we are in fact evangelizing . what is not sharing is telling someone they need believe your belief is true . There are just as many hate felt neo pagans out there who believe they are right as there are christians .
anyway why I feel this woman is missing the boat on what a true catholic is and I can hardly wait til the church goes back to pre Roman times .
I think one of the best examples of a real catechist was Black Elk he was a true and real catechist .How about ST.Teresa of Calcutta ? She practiced yoga and never told people to stop .
so for any catholics who do yoga and pray to and with dead people .
Keep going it is okay to do so.
If you feel a call that you should stop , then stop.
but yoga is in no way a sin . it is not sinful to practice yoga .
the church does not ( if you are a catholic who believes all the church says ) say one cannot practice yoga . again if you read my article I wrote on Yoga & ST.John de Britto there are many examples of catholics , religious & lay who practice yoga .  
Remember it is between you and your god . no one else . 

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