Thursday, March 29, 2012

PBP Letter G ~ giggles

Letter G ~ giggles

Yep thats right giggles , good little elfy chuckles that warm you up and help you feel all glowy inside .
giggles are magick because they are contagious . Sometimes we giggle just like that for no reason and often that is what I like to call a fairy giggle . The good little watchers know when we need a good giggle its almost like a soft tickle .
I've had such a hard serious week , even the Winnipeg weather has been so bleak with snow , rain and endless cloud cover .
So as usual I was wracking my brain at what letter G word I chose .
Last night it came to me , as I sat at my dd25 kitchen table . She too is overworked and tired , the end of winter always drags people to the depths of drudgery . Well we just started gabbing and who knows why a topic comes up as we just go from random thought to another .
Then she mentioned the dream . That was it , we both just began our giggle fest , where tears come .
I journey much in dreams and have no problem remember them as they are so vivid . Often they are serious but other times extremely entertaining and yes provide many a giggle .
So the dream that triggered the laugh was actually from a quite serious dream in which I was having to protect children and get them out of the University for some reason . at the end of the dream I provided with the means to do so . I began to gag on something , an alien being coming forth from within me I was slowly gagging it up from deep within , up through my throat until it popped out of my mouth into my open hand that awaited it .
There it was the tool that would allow me to protect children that ever wonderful multi coloured magickal haky sack ! yep , who knew , after that it was a breeze to leave the building . great holy haky scak thank you thank you .Lol
so while we remembered that dream and were laughing I remembered the dream I'd had where I was at some family dinner with everyone round the table it was like a Thanksgiving or something because we had extra family members and feasty type food. Typical conversations and then someone asked me the name of my pet gerbil . I opened my mouth and his name came out , only not in English or any other language people might recognize . nope think the language of the Bushman in Africa . yes the clicky language ! It is not sound unfamiliar to me because as a child I would always talk this way . but in my dream I'm an adult me , saying this to my family . his name is click click coo coo clack . ( you can try saying it by clicking your tongue too if you like lol  ) They all looked at me and said " what ?" I repeated his name my sweet little gerbil click click coo coo clack . They still did not get it . So I very frustrated let out a sigh and said " well okay if you really can't pronounce it you can also call him Sam " !! I awoke laughing it was such a fun dream .
Last week I had a dream a big sink hole developed in our bathroom , it was really big and went all the way down to the basement . This wasn't unusual for this time of yr. many people apparently get these sink holes come spring especially in the bathroom . ( lol this really does happen big time to our roads Winnipeg is known for its spring pot holes ) so I found a company in the yellow pages that fixed these sink holes . I called them up but the man said to me " well have you removed the books yet because we won't fix it if the books are still there " I told him to wait I'd have to check . Well sure enough when I opened the door there was the hole totally filled up with books ! My dream ended with me & our ds Dacotah taking wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of books out of the house .
I love laughing & laughter , fun giggles .
the pic up top is my grandson and I on International Fairy day , we had such a great time .
 I've had rainbow gathering on my mind alot lately and the return to hippy earth mama for awhile rather then serious shaman woman is in order I think or at least remember fun hippy earth mama and find that balance again .
I didn't realize how much of that giggle time had left til it returned and I love it !
We need some fun & light in this place again invite those fairies to help out a bit too
I think giggles are a great start
I'm thinking bubble giggles and sending out the bubbles to float away and carry giggles for others  .
Let us all remember to pass on magick giggles
and no poking like on fb only light feather elfy giggles remember ☺
giggle away my friend , giggle away

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderful Web Witches Award

Wow ! I won an Award !
This is an award put on by Pagan By Design and the Lovely Polly , who does take the time to pop in and visit me . Thanks Polly for all You do . 
Remember awards ? I have not seen nor recieved one in what seems yrs .
I feel honoured because frankly I don't think to many people visit my blog and is it even interesting ?
I just love to write , it gets stuff out of my head lol
These awards are given out every Wed. and we can nominate people or ourselves even .
So please pop on over and check out this week's award winners .
wishing you the very witchy best for today & everyday

antlers bittersweet hawthorn poplar

Not such a bad start to Spring after all . In amongst just recovering from ds11 thyroid problem we awoke yesterday with pinkeye , cat/dog vomit & crap , then dh came home from work only to say he has the flu !
Trying to not focus on the illness just keep going , we eventually all will be well .
We went out to our land last weekend .I miss it so much when we stay away more then two weeks .
It turned out to be a beautiful sunny but crispy cold day . It also turned into a wonderful spiritual celebration of gratitude for new life gifts .

dh went off for yet another one of his walking the property . He is beginning to know it well and walks and checks on the boundaries just as I check for what is popping up how plants are fairing etc.
well he returned with this young Buck antler !

I love how smooth antlers are . This is what Indigenous peoples used to rake the ground in prep for planting , tying two antlers together makes a perfect rake ☺

Everyone had to check out this new find lol
However we knew whom it was meant to be gifted to .

Adventure Boy ! aka He who gives Joy
Yes he has a thing where he encounters deer alot and he also has found several antlers himself always smaller than this one .
Then wow one that is showing growth and change , coming of age .
How appropriate is that ? Also that his Dad gave it to him ☺
Our ds16 has this same gift with the Eagle , finding feathers and uses his gift of sight well .

We were able to have our first Spring fire too

I brought out my traveling smudge

We then smudged the antler thanking Deer for this beautiful gift and many thanks for being helper , guide & teacher for our ds .

He then had discover the many ways to use it of course lol here he is lifting pieces of ice

I went off on my own in search of several tree gifts I'd been trying to be patient and wait for the right picking time ;-)
polar buds / balm of gilead so I could make the salve for healing

I came across a nice little grove that was not to high up for picking

I then found the Bittersweet vine for my shaman belt

I love the berries how they open into little flowers and they are such a bright joy to find in the middle of a winter white .

I then moved on to Hawthorn that great hedge of protection .
I am totally in love with Hawthorn right now , those thorns are absolutely gorgeous

I collected quite a few buds & thorns

I then ended the outing with a tobacco offering
Truly it seems we do need experience illness , suffering and all the other negative junk in order we can fully grasp the really good and true blessings given .
For all of what life has to offer both good & bad I am extremely grateful .

Monday, March 26, 2012

Medicine Spirit Bags

Medicine Spirit bags are a personal bag which we wear on our person that reminds us of whom we are , how we walk with spirit and our true callings . I guess in a way it is sort of like a small shaman belt ☺
A medicine bag is not the same as an amulet or a talisman or fetish .
A medicine bag is to always remain on your person .
It contains herbs, plants , trees, other items which are personal to you .
so for example in my small personal medicine bag I have a mixture of my plants & trees , a small piece of spruce & copal resin . a bit of eagle feather a silver quarter from the yr in which I was conceived , a scapular , my hair a bit of tobacco . I can add or take from this bag , what I am not to do is give this bag to anyone else .
It is a part of me unlike an amulet or talisman I may share that with another .
Over the yrs as we had children I made them each a medicine bag personal to them . I also did this for children of friends .

this is my personal bag right now . I am working on a bigger one to have with my shaman belt .
I love the colour deep Indigo blue my teacher picked out for me and the infinity or metis simple which came to me when I was reconnecting with my role as shaman .

I also make up these very inexpensive bags for kids I teach . they are mini bundles , they can carry easily on their person in a pocket etc. these are sort of nice because they also act as aroma therapy for the kids . all they need do is rub the bag a bit and the scent of their personal medicines drifts up , it clears the head and basically connects them to spirit right away .
So many inner city children are drifting not knowing who they are or to what they belong . This is a very quick easy reminder for them .
You can make up your own bag , pray about it first , ask the plants , animals , saints etc. who walk with you always to remind you . spend time slowly gathering your teachers .
think about materials you wish to use , what symbols etc.
you can then once it is all assembled have a blessing time to spirit .
 Give prayers of gratitude , respect & honour .
you may wear your bag round your neck as traditionally often was done . However now people are more self conscious , may not want others to see or like me things round your neck feel awkward if over a certain weight & size.
so you can just carry in your pocket or like me I tie mine up short on my belt loop or pin onto my skirt .
I do not recommend keeping in your purse or back pack etc. #1 because it is not close enough to your person & #2 we often misplace our purses or worse another may be tempted to steal a purse and then you are without your bag .
 also if a bag does go missing we must remember to also once again do a prayer to disconnect us from that medicine and return it fully to spirit .
I will write yet on amulets etc. a little later for now we are off to purchase our new summer sneakers ☺

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shaman Belt

Yep , this is my latest project
and not a picture Lol
I saw a Shaman's belt in the museum a few months back . Who knows how I ever missed noticing it but I did .
It was wooden with fabric wrapped round it and of course from it hung items belonging to the shaman .
kind of makes me mad , such a personal thing why is it no longer with the family ? was it not passed on to anyone ?
Anyway I've had this in my head just like my ghost dance dress. A belt is much easier beleive me .
I'm making mine out of wood 4 types . Willow , Birch , Grapevine & Bittersweet .
I will then wrap this in leather moose hide . Then hang my spirit items from this belt .
Pieces of all the trees I work with , bone , herbs etc. I'm thinking saint medals and milagros too .I may also hang a midsize medicine bag too .
if you want to see one modern day version on the shaman belt take a look here I really like the idea of just punching holes in an actual regular everyday belt. I think I need to be a bit more crafty ;-)
So that is it for now .I'm off on Sunday to collect the spring woods to start ☺ 

PBP Letter F ~ Fire

PBP Letter F~ Fire

I had a hard time finding a letter F word this week .
I really have a post for Grave Yrad Rabbits in my head at the moment lol
yet with the return of the Sun ☼ , with it being Spring Equinox I was reminded how we most often have our ritual fire this time of year .
I usually collect the old decorations from Winter Solstice such as my cedar wreath , balsam bows and other natural items which I decorate the stoop with . This year I have the items collected yet as I mentioned in my previous post I just did not feel the call to prepare a formal ritual. rather my walk in the forest observing the early spring thaw and all the woodland mystery was in fact my ritual.
I tend to connect with mostly feel closest to Earth & Air . I was thinking this is probably because they are the elements which I have direct contact with .There is no preparation to have relationship with them .The wind greets me , touching my face each day , the breath of life enters my body as continuous gift throughout night & day .
Earth supports me here and now where I stand , walk and rest . My roots go down deep standing firm and recieving nourishment .
The elements of both Fire & water tend to take time to take effort to reach out and connect.
I used to feel I was disconneted from fire that it was an unknown element to me .
Then I realized , NOT !
First off I am a morning person , I love the morning greeting of Grandfather Sun ☼ . That element so strong which is in fact a great burning ball of , yep , fire ☺
I think how special fire has been throughout history , how people were designated the carrier of fire , being able to transfer embers from long distance in order to rekindle that which provided warmth , helped cook meals etc.
The stories of leaving the lamp lit for passers by or lighthouses providing guidence for ships passing by .
This time of year where the sunlight is returning , growing , new life sprouts up via this extended light .
So perhaps it is the time of year in which fire rituals should be occuring & fire acknowldged .
Then we have the fire we create ourselves keep buring within ourselves , how often have we heard the saying , be a light , the light within etc.
Natural fire can also be very wild , out of control , destructive . Here in our rpovince we have them already begun , fires from the effects of drought last yr smoldering in peat bogs have begun to rise up creating much havoc .
Yet also there is at times benefit of even such great a fire . Old growth forests that burn naturally , often need this in order for life to continue .Certain types of Pine need the effects of fire to help the seed open and begin growth . Blueberries thrive a few yrs after the fire and scorched areas make excellent picking grounds for wildwlife .
I love fire the fire we make using mathes or other means , controled fire . When I began to think and see all the ways in which I utilize fire , I see how this is such a part of my life .
I often burn sage , the 2nd direction I pray to each say is the South . And yes I identify it with the Sun of the South and great strength .

I love my personal prayer spaces where I always have my morning fire .

I often make special bundles or sticks I offer to the fire
It is a great element that helps in banishing , getting rid of really bad stuff.

I often place a pot on during ritual to be used for the blessing of sticks etc.

The little tiny candle that respresents soft healing light

Candles which help create sacred space

Using Candles for sacred ceremony to honour ancestors

Candles which help in special prayers bringing those prayers to be fullfilled .

Fire is also a great element of community , helping bring others together , to share and partake in sacred time , feeding time , think birthday candles , camp fires , the sweatlodge etc.
I wish I could find the book Water, Wind, Earth & Fire: The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements
because I love the descriptions of the elements in this book I'd love to copy out the section on fire for you but I don't have a copy of the book here .
I think I've given many examples though in which one can find , connect and form relationship with Fire .
My suggestion is start with the most natural form , Sun . sit or stand in the morning facing East . open your hands , say a blessing , welcome Grandfather Sun . feel his rays upon your cheeks , soaking into your whole being , lighting you lietrally . coming alive with the day , walk the rest of the day with the light within you , helping sustain you as you go . As you meet others , pass on that glow .Put it into your work , your meals etc. Then let your light set , rest at the end of the day .
This is the best and most natural way to honour and connect I think .
Pray and think on how fire can teach you , you will come to have your own methods & rituals .Just like animals or plants or humans the elements are our teachers and meant to be respected . You will form your own relationship and it will be unique and beautiful for you .
So thats about it . Can't think of much more to add .
May Fire be with You
ps. my spell check has disappeared so I apologize I can't do any editing .

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eostre Spring Equinox

We spent the Spring Equinox out at my Mother's place yet another year . However it seems more so then focus on celebration or ritual we really just needed to connect with Mother Earth at this time of awakening .
Is it just me or were other people not posting or writing about this much either ?
We are shocked at how out in the bush there is also hardly any snow !
Usually I am able to do at least a good few days of snowshoeing but not this year.
It is however still cool and really beautiful to walk along the shore as it is all sand .The lake is still ice and the dogs love it like this. A thin layer of slush forms in the day as it warms and they roll and rool in this slush .
My fav part of the forest dark & deep is so beautiful , so still & calm . No bugs yet ☺
The moss that grows is so soft and inviting .
Below are a few photos I took and am happy to share with you below .
enjoy !

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shamanism & psychoactive plants ~ yet again

Yep that is my dh guitar case full of Psilocybe cubensis from Palenque MX
I once again had the whole issue of psychoactive plants ( I wrote earlier about this )  and shamanism come up yet again .
The whole issue of people following the group just because compared to true community .
Then we have to face it some just get together for the sake of fun nothing to do with receiving spirit at all or having that spiritual journey .
In working with spiritual properties of a plant the use will not always be that of consumption .
I think this is what the reminder was for me .
We are not to relive the past as many who are searching or lost often do but rather remember , for good memory , to pass on tradition and also remembering lessons learned what not to do is just as important as the what to do , perhaps even more so in order to be true to self & spirit is knowing true discernment of what is not for us .
So the whole issue of the why people often fall into they should do something just because others are doing it came up for me yet again .
I am convinced many who are using flying ointments and psychoactive plants via consumption should not be .
Especially alone not under supervision of a true elder expereinced .
This came up of course in the whole issue of my student I dropped a few yrs back persueing this route claiming to be when one is not .wanting escapism rather than being and dealing with life issues that really need healthy guidence and councelling rather than going off on some trip of denial .
I remembered how as shaman we experience and trust and wait for affrimation rather than hear of expereince of another then it supposedly happens to us .
I watched the dvd The Edge of dreaming and it really hit home for me .How many times what we think is perhaps a shamnic expereince or vision is just our connecting well with our intuitive side . For the shamnic vision will at times be based on reading a person but often , more so it is vision given by spirit that has nothing to do with knwoing someone until we meet them later etc. spiritual expereinces encountering shadows , forewarning , what herb or tree to harvest etc. is always given to me before the knowing , if that makes sense .
Patience is key , being able to not jump up and go blindly into something is not the shaman way .
So I just prayed on the why these psychoactive plants were coming to me .
The memory of our hippy days , our stay in Palenque came back to me , to remember . dh took part , he dried the mushrooms , made tea & consummued them .
I did not . I was in my journey already , accepting who I was . I also knew there were children around . I cared for our dd and the children of others .
I was reminded by my teacher I already have the gift of sight , of walking between world .
I need not go off following trends or others .
Again I am reminded also how I must pray for those who are in danger those who are chosing to use these who should not be .
As a soul keeper I guess that is my job ☺
I can't say dh was wrojng to try these mushrooms , he is so very different than I . He does not suffer from addictions , he did this with others to have fun , play music etc.
It is not wrong but he is different than I . I would not beleive these should be used by me just to have fun . I'd rather have fun by helping the farmer tend to his work rather than go out in his field and pick mushrooms .
I would beleive that if anyone is to use this mushroom the peoples of the area who have lived there for thousands of yrs. are the ones to use them if they do at all , and they would have true purpose and intent on the why and how to use them . I can't believe that the whole Mayan community women and children would all use these mushrooms . I don't even know if their shamans would use them .
In reading about tribes within the Amazon there is a group they meet only once per yr all the tribes and then some not all use a plant in their celebration ritual . They do not use it all yr. long just that one time per yr.
So purpose and intent are just very important to me .
am I to serious ?
I just really beleive I am not meant to use these plants via consumption It takes alot of strength at times not to jump in just for the sake of fitting in .
 I wrote earlier about the looking up shamanism online in my area. I just wanted to connect with others and share , grow together . Well of course there is a workshop where one can take to become a shaman ! Hundreds of dollars , no free sharing , no connecting . Oh and if you want you can also take a drum workshop and buy a drum so you'll have one for the shman workshop .
So what of the people who really are shmans but do not have money , what about people being certified who actually are not shamans ?
One woman emailed me , not knowing me saying I should not call myself a shamna unless I'd taken the workshop and I would have a community . etc. The arrogance ! she had no idea who I am , how does she know I do not have community lol because I haven't taken a shaman workshop with some newagey person trying to be important and make a buck I'm not a shman ?
My teacher told me , that is it , you are who you are start believing it and call yourself shaman !
I feel so very blessed because in my being patient I've connected with such beautiful people especially healthy women who share , who give openly .
I went on this past Saturday and connected with the Indigenous gardening mentor and a wonderful group of equally beautiful people .The expereince which I'll post on our other blog .
So here I am , me the shaman ( or rather midewikwe is the term I am becoming more comfortable with ) who does not use psychoactive plants to receive vision but rather I respect the plant for the teacher they are . Honour and respect a plant , animal etc. just as we would a human and they will teach us , show us the purpose of our relationship with them .

Friday, March 16, 2012

PBP Letter F ~ Family

PBP Letter F ~ Family

If there is one thing I am grateful for in my pagan journey it is that of family . I know I've written about importance of community before but this also includes my family .
Coming from a life of abuse and encountering abusive people throughout my life I know full well family has nothing to do with bloodline . This can be hard at times in a world that right now although global also segregates people by ethnic bloodlines .
to be bloodline is nothing more than passing on biological traits . Of course this is important in regards to issues as illnesses and we all have a longing to connect with ancestral roots . Yet for me bloodline limits and stops people often from perhaps learning where they truly belong .
I mean what if someone is connected to the Ojibwe people , forms bonds , lives within that society are they in fact not now an ojibwe person ? If I immerse myself within the Italian culture live , work and practice cultural beliefs can I then not become an Italian person ?
Yes I see and know both beautiful and abusive people within the pagan community .Yet I've formed bonds with people just as I have with my catholic family , the homeschool family etc. over the years .
My dh is not close to his side at all , he longs for love not given .
Where did he find this acceptance and love ? Within my family !
I look at the man he becomes whole when with my family , they accept and value him .
My own sister by blood I have no contact with but I have sisters soul sisters whom I bond with , we care about each other and our families.
Online I have family who shares so much , I know them , I know their family their children and partners .
As I write this the brothers downstairs joke and play . Is it because of bloodline ? No they've grown together , sharing , fighting , working things out . They journey together , they come to understand , have compassion , to forgive etc.
What about adoption . I used to be very against adoption and I do still feel that there are often ethical boundaries crossed in many adoptions . Yet as our own children grow older the issue of foster care comes up I feel perhaps once we've moved it might be something we are called to do , to help parent other children .
I do know people who have treated adopted & foster children very poorly , actually used them for slave labour , abused them , not treated them as family even alongside birth children making a very visible line between the two.
When I read about the entertainer Josephine Baker and her Rainbow Family years ago it made me smile . She just knew that race , bloodline did not matter , what humans need is true & real love . If a child grows up knowing they are loved nothing else matters .
I will leave you with the words of Mother Teresa which just so happens to be the reading in her Day Book The Joy in Loving on my birthday, so very appropriate to remind me ☺

there is much suffering in the world- physical,material,mental.
the suffering of some can be blamed on the greed of others.
the material and physical suffering is suffering from hunger, from homelessness, from all kinds of diseases.
but the greatest suffering is being lonely, feeling unloved,having no one.
I have come more and more to realize that it is being unwanted that is worst disease that any human being can ever experience.

Monday, March 12, 2012

True Spirituality ~ Freely Given

This topic always comes up for me . That is the issue of the financial cost of spirituality.
The issue of me wanting to take courses , join groups , and belonging .
It almost brings up the topic of money . Which reality is I do not have oodles of money .
We are not poor or even low income but with only one income and raising a family bills & food come first.
Even in homeschooling I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on product. When the kids take courses we've had to pick and chose .Swimming is a must because we live near and access the lake always. ds16 is becoming a swim instructor the courses get increasingly more costly the higher up he gets . So our money goes to that which is truly needed .
spirituality is my work . Yet almost all being offered now is asking people for money.
It never fails there is always something I wish I could attend , join get connected with others.
Lately it is shamanism . I've no doubt this is where I'm being led now .
Just like anything I found some great courses online some really fantastic blogs too.
Yet most charge money !
For me my spiritual growth has rarely cost a thing in terms of monetary value . That is also why I tend to be a tad sceptical of places offering to help others turn into a witch , shaman , intercessor etc.
for one thing it leads to have holes where those who are lost and longing to belong to enter .It leads to greedy people wanting to be someone high up and make money have advantage over others.
I often feel so isolated in my journey , in my work that I like anyone search out others like me .
Yet I know deep down I do not have the funds to take any course .
 I also already know I am who I am and what is  meant to be given will come .
I rarely buy books I access the library .
I've had all my teachers come freely too.
This past autumn I felt I really needed another spiritual director. I've gone 4 yrs without one .
Yet someone who values me as student but that I too am also teacher .
The last teacher I had was very good when in his own transition but then bam came ego and off he went in search of praise from crowds and yes money is involved .
I am so thankful I listened to spirit and did not follow .
So as I prayed .I actually connected to an acquaintance friend I've had on fb for 3 yrs now . we connected via aboriginal spirituality.
I felt very much called to walk with Blessed Kateri this yr. and answer the pipe, drum and ghost dance .
 within a month I learned the church wishes to canonize Kateri this yr.
I then learned my new teacher is actually from my own province . She just lives out of province , she is a teacher and I just am so blessed . 
 She shares freely and asks nothing of me except my being a devote student . I can hardly wait to hug her , sit with her , share , listen & learn .
I had been looking at all these ridiculous shaman courses online and yet know deep down it was falsehood for me . So I sit in prayer and keep doing my thing .
Sure enough there it was a whole weekend for free and connecting again to beautiful women , sharing Aboriginal heritage and knowledge

3 wonderful days of beautiful women , sharing , caring growing in inspiration.

As a family we want more and more to move onto our land yet we have no funds to do so yet .
Again for all the good money could help us , what has been given has been such a blessing . I got into our local grow local conference for free. Many First Nations peoples attended . It gave me hope and new ideas to go on and share with our community .
I met a beautiful spiritual elder at the grow local event . Audrey Logan . I attended her workshop at the Moon Voices gathering !
She helps others learn traditional Indigenous gardening , all for free or barter .
If I do offer eventually any workshops or courses they will be freely given , sharing to help not to gain my own self satisfaction .
So I've no doubt when the time comes for my drum & pipe it will take a lot of effort and work , perhaps even times of isolation but if it is truly meant to be , I will find them and it shall not involve that which would break my family nor steal from another or use another .
I am so extremely grateful and humbled . trying not to feel shame at how I go off searching but rather realize this is how I learn lessons in patience & discernment .
Lol I can hardly wait but know I have to ;-)