Wednesday, March 28, 2012

antlers bittersweet hawthorn poplar

Not such a bad start to Spring after all . In amongst just recovering from ds11 thyroid problem we awoke yesterday with pinkeye , cat/dog vomit & crap , then dh came home from work only to say he has the flu !
Trying to not focus on the illness just keep going , we eventually all will be well .
We went out to our land last weekend .I miss it so much when we stay away more then two weeks .
It turned out to be a beautiful sunny but crispy cold day . It also turned into a wonderful spiritual celebration of gratitude for new life gifts .

dh went off for yet another one of his walking the property . He is beginning to know it well and walks and checks on the boundaries just as I check for what is popping up how plants are fairing etc.
well he returned with this young Buck antler !

I love how smooth antlers are . This is what Indigenous peoples used to rake the ground in prep for planting , tying two antlers together makes a perfect rake ☺

Everyone had to check out this new find lol
However we knew whom it was meant to be gifted to .

Adventure Boy ! aka He who gives Joy
Yes he has a thing where he encounters deer alot and he also has found several antlers himself always smaller than this one .
Then wow one that is showing growth and change , coming of age .
How appropriate is that ? Also that his Dad gave it to him ☺
Our ds16 has this same gift with the Eagle , finding feathers and uses his gift of sight well .

We were able to have our first Spring fire too

I brought out my traveling smudge

We then smudged the antler thanking Deer for this beautiful gift and many thanks for being helper , guide & teacher for our ds .

He then had discover the many ways to use it of course lol here he is lifting pieces of ice

I went off on my own in search of several tree gifts I'd been trying to be patient and wait for the right picking time ;-)
polar buds / balm of gilead so I could make the salve for healing

I came across a nice little grove that was not to high up for picking

I then found the Bittersweet vine for my shaman belt

I love the berries how they open into little flowers and they are such a bright joy to find in the middle of a winter white .

I then moved on to Hawthorn that great hedge of protection .
I am totally in love with Hawthorn right now , those thorns are absolutely gorgeous

I collected quite a few buds & thorns

I then ended the outing with a tobacco offering
Truly it seems we do need experience illness , suffering and all the other negative junk in order we can fully grasp the really good and true blessings given .
For all of what life has to offer both good & bad I am extremely grateful .


  1. Brilliant post! Thank you for this and for all that you do to make such a beautiful and inspiring blog! You have been awarded the "Wonderful Web Witches Award" from Pagan by Design. Details here:

  2. It seems you guys had a blast. I hope everybody is feeling better and the flu has taken its course.

    What wonderful finds, the bony ones and the greenery, too. And your offering looks delightful and I'm sure very loved ;-)