Friday, March 2, 2012

cutting ties & casting out with trees & herbs

No Photos ! The crone's camera bit the dust so no pics of my altar , candles nada !
My camera was attached to me at the hip always . I'm a visual learner and I just took to the whole digital photo thing .
So now that I have apologized I guess I shall go on with my post ;-)
 We have been having a spiritual strain on the home & whole family the last several months . Our youngest has also been very ill and was just diagnosed with a thyroid issue .
I knew the cause of this strain . it was coming from someone wanting what we have and yes had been taking .
I am no newbie when it comes to the issue of casting out and dealing with evil those who know me and my work in regards to abuse know of the evil I have had to deal with .
This person began with just me but slowly also began draining our other family members almost wanting to switch us for them . very weird freakish thing which may tie in to the topic of envy for the PBP next week ;-)
 so why was this happening ? okay my fault , yes mine . No I did not let her or give her permission to do this however what I did was extremely neglectful and stupid after the last time praying , hoping the mental illness of denial would be shown etc. I did not cut the ties . I left myself totally open ! the last time I did prayer work was extremely powerful stuff . and yet how could I be so extremely clumsy as to not cut the tie after each time .
okay I'm human , we forget , even the most holiest of people mess up and fumble .
so I acknowledged my mistake .
I knew for this person I need a very powerful and extremely strong medicines .
this is no wishy washy thing .
I prayed on it .
The plants had been coming to me over the last 3 weeks . I planned and planned . I began with pine the greatest of protection of my trees , then a week later rowan red , the next week bittersweet another great protector helping bind if need be .
then not to long a wait very much near the end an add on for my children , for this person not to touch . the plant Touch me Not !
Oh and I also most forgot sometimes I use salt to incircle or earth this time I use salt and then smudged the circle with sage stick .
I then also took a long yellow ribbon and tied it in a know so it made a circle . this ribbon represented the ties . I crushed the touch me not , added oil and soaked the ribbon in it .
I crushed up the other 3 and mixed with salt oil and water  then etched in the symbols on my candle. I then bathed the candle .and placed in holder .
On my altar I had two sides  my willow statue in between them . one side items representing myself and the other the woman .I used a corn doll and had images round it .
I then sat and wrote quite a long prayer , beginning with the elements , then certain saints , the writing was just what I needed to do. I asked for all which was taken to be returned as it was , and to help build us walls for a spiritual fortress to protect our family .
I then lastly asked ST.Michael to cut the ties .
I envisioned the big sword coming down upon several golden electric threads and splitting it in two.
 I then took the ribbon I'd soaked earlier and twisted it so the knot was in the middle . I held it over the flame and burnt it in half where the know was .
I sat and prayed til that candle burnt out . I then bathed in a herbal bath to cleanse and purify .
 I later gathered up my items from the altar that needed to be disposed . I always put my items under my rose bush .
I then gathered up the other items doll , 1/2 the ribbon etc. wrapped in birch bark went outside and lay the corn doll and the remaining herbs atop  pine kindling and I lit it afire !
 I let it burn and burn til only ash remained and I then stamped on it with snow .
the last two days have been amazing !
The strength returning to our family is something else !
Even though ds was diagnosed that is a blessing for us because we've been fixated on his diet the last few months and he just never got better , so learning the cause of his symptoms was a big relief .
Did I mention that because of all my waiting to prepare this ritual it came exactly upon the leap year ! Yep Feb29th !
 okay I honestly did not plan it that way but it is just how it all lined up .
So I am reclaiming what is mine , that of our families etc.
I still have one more tie to cut but not from such an evil spirit . this person needs not such an aggressive approach . so I've got a fuchsia ribbon as it so represents her and the herbs and trees pine rowan and sage . I did use a bit of touch me not on the ribbon but again this persons intent is not so much to harm as it is to gain status etc. and people are harmed often as a result .
so again I will wait til morning and then due this work .
after that I am blessing the home & yard space once again .even if it is blasted cold winter !
 I will then prepare my full moon time coming up as my strength builds I'm in for something special and hoping my gal pals will take part too ☺

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