Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eostre Spring Equinox

We spent the Spring Equinox out at my Mother's place yet another year . However it seems more so then focus on celebration or ritual we really just needed to connect with Mother Earth at this time of awakening .
Is it just me or were other people not posting or writing about this much either ?
We are shocked at how out in the bush there is also hardly any snow !
Usually I am able to do at least a good few days of snowshoeing but not this year.
It is however still cool and really beautiful to walk along the shore as it is all sand .The lake is still ice and the dogs love it like this. A thin layer of slush forms in the day as it warms and they roll and rool in this slush .
My fav part of the forest dark & deep is so beautiful , so still & calm . No bugs yet ☺
The moss that grows is so soft and inviting .
Below are a few photos I took and am happy to share with you below .
enjoy !

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