Monday, March 26, 2012

Medicine Spirit Bags

Medicine Spirit bags are a personal bag which we wear on our person that reminds us of whom we are , how we walk with spirit and our true callings . I guess in a way it is sort of like a small shaman belt ☺
A medicine bag is not the same as an amulet or a talisman or fetish .
A medicine bag is to always remain on your person .
It contains herbs, plants , trees, other items which are personal to you .
so for example in my small personal medicine bag I have a mixture of my plants & trees , a small piece of spruce & copal resin . a bit of eagle feather a silver quarter from the yr in which I was conceived , a scapular , my hair a bit of tobacco . I can add or take from this bag , what I am not to do is give this bag to anyone else .
It is a part of me unlike an amulet or talisman I may share that with another .
Over the yrs as we had children I made them each a medicine bag personal to them . I also did this for children of friends .

this is my personal bag right now . I am working on a bigger one to have with my shaman belt .
I love the colour deep Indigo blue my teacher picked out for me and the infinity or metis simple which came to me when I was reconnecting with my role as shaman .

I also make up these very inexpensive bags for kids I teach . they are mini bundles , they can carry easily on their person in a pocket etc. these are sort of nice because they also act as aroma therapy for the kids . all they need do is rub the bag a bit and the scent of their personal medicines drifts up , it clears the head and basically connects them to spirit right away .
So many inner city children are drifting not knowing who they are or to what they belong . This is a very quick easy reminder for them .
You can make up your own bag , pray about it first , ask the plants , animals , saints etc. who walk with you always to remind you . spend time slowly gathering your teachers .
think about materials you wish to use , what symbols etc.
you can then once it is all assembled have a blessing time to spirit .
 Give prayers of gratitude , respect & honour .
you may wear your bag round your neck as traditionally often was done . However now people are more self conscious , may not want others to see or like me things round your neck feel awkward if over a certain weight & size.
so you can just carry in your pocket or like me I tie mine up short on my belt loop or pin onto my skirt .
I do not recommend keeping in your purse or back pack etc. #1 because it is not close enough to your person & #2 we often misplace our purses or worse another may be tempted to steal a purse and then you are without your bag .
 also if a bag does go missing we must remember to also once again do a prayer to disconnect us from that medicine and return it fully to spirit .
I will write yet on amulets etc. a little later for now we are off to purchase our new summer sneakers ☺

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  1. I use to carry one all the time but got out of the habit. My DH still carries a small one in his pocket.