Saturday, March 3, 2012

PBP Letter E ~ Earth

Letter E ~ Earth

if anyone knows the artist of this pic please let me know .I've looked at it on several sites non of which are the original artist . If you are the artist I love this work if you wish for me to take it down however please write me and I will do so . Thank You .
E was a difficult letter for me this week , I only thought of evangelize or egg . yet neither really appealed to me . Then with the help of some members on PBP fb page many ideas of inspiration came rolling in ! Thanks for the help guys & gals ;-)
One of these being the Elements , I liked the idea but more so I began to think of my elements those which I am most connected to and of course the first one being Earth .
This made so much sense to me as I'd just finished up attending our Grow Local Conference
and also I've been writing much about the abuse of natural environment & wrote an article on Sustainable Wildcrafting the other day .  
I'm also going to write about the worst abuse of all regarding the environment ~ denial
Earth as my element , well for me it is pretty easy , our Mother that which sustains us and as children is the earth not one of the first elements we connect with , aside from air which is our first contact when leaving the womb . We visit parks with parents , perhaps follow grandparents through the bush or on the farm , looking , listening , touching & feeling .
Helping to grow plants along our elders was one of my most fav experiences and I've written before how being out in the garden working in the soil as a teenager saved me when I moved to the city and spent time in an abusive group home .
Earth to me keeps me grounded , my roots grow strong and stay secure when I'm at one with this element .
I love working the soil with hands ,
I love weeding , especially in the rain when weeds become loose and the ground soft and the smell , oh the smell ☺
I love smells that come up from the forest floor , especially in the damp parts of the boreal forest . this is where we really get the image of all living things go back , fallen trees, leaves and even dead animals we see it first hand . We then can use this soil to help fertilize and grow that which feeds us both physically , medicinally & spiritually .
 My ancestors were those who buried their dead . as a child and now as an adult & parent it always has been a normal occurrence to visit the sites where our ancestors lay .
The earth at my grandparents old homestead is sacred to us and this is where I gather my soil to use in ritual . I often use it to make the sacred circle instead of salt and no to me salt & earth have two different purposes .
that earth connects me to them often when I need call upon them to help me in my work to guide me as to the best road to take . My ancestors were and are excellent teachers ☺
The concept of mother earth and referring to her as my goddess is much more true to me then the goddess of Greece or Britain . Mainly because I visually see her everyday . I'm very much a visual person . I can also touch and feel her . I can see her as One for all because she is , she does not just belong to one people .
this is also the aboriginal norm here . I grew up in the culture here hearing and praying to Mother Earth , Father Sky, Grandfather Sun , Grandmother Moon  , and again these  that are for all not just a few holier than thou people .
A simple way for people to connect to the earth is to just simple when you can go out doors and stand in barefeet .
Fell her , squat down if you can and touch her with your hands .
dig your toes in if you can and say a small prayer of thanks for life given and ask to continue to grow strong roots and walk that sacred path gently upon the earth .
if you can lay on the ground , smell her , roll around , lay on your back or front out stretch arms and legs try and be as flat as you can so you blend in and become one , because you are ☺
if you can try the growing things , in pots , raised beds or garden .
I am trying low tillage this yr just turning up a small piece of earth for each plant or seed .
If you can gather some earth just a small bit , to take home for ritual use. You do not need alot because only a pinch will do ;-)
 Use the earth in rituals for strength and growth .
Mother Earth gives so much , perhaps on Mothers Day plan a special celebration to honour her !
I am currently looking into finding natural pigments from Earth to use on my drum & dress .
These are the ways we can connect and stay as one with the element of earth .


  1. Thank you for your wonderful post! Truly an inspiring one on Mother Earth!

  2. Wonderful post! I'm bookmarking your page (very pretty by the way) since I have just begun a 13 Week-Long Earth-wise campaign called Earth Day ~ Every Day. I may wish to link to your writing if you don't mind, or - if you'd care to join in, or write for the project, please feel free. Details here:

  3. Thank You Paricia ! I never know if anyone really gets anything out of my stuff or not but it is in my head so I need to get it out lol

    Polly what a wonderful idea ! I love earth day too .I will visit your blog now and hoping I could contribute but just happy to read too ♥

  4. Natural pigment - onion skins have always been my favorite.

    Nice post - I love the earth and her energy.

  5. Oh yes I love onion skins but I've only used them for a dye for fabric not as a paint . I think ochres for sure .