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PBP Letter F ~ Fire

PBP Letter F~ Fire

I had a hard time finding a letter F word this week .
I really have a post for Grave Yrad Rabbits in my head at the moment lol
yet with the return of the Sun ☼ , with it being Spring Equinox I was reminded how we most often have our ritual fire this time of year .
I usually collect the old decorations from Winter Solstice such as my cedar wreath , balsam bows and other natural items which I decorate the stoop with . This year I have the items collected yet as I mentioned in my previous post I just did not feel the call to prepare a formal ritual. rather my walk in the forest observing the early spring thaw and all the woodland mystery was in fact my ritual.
I tend to connect with mostly feel closest to Earth & Air . I was thinking this is probably because they are the elements which I have direct contact with .There is no preparation to have relationship with them .The wind greets me , touching my face each day , the breath of life enters my body as continuous gift throughout night & day .
Earth supports me here and now where I stand , walk and rest . My roots go down deep standing firm and recieving nourishment .
The elements of both Fire & water tend to take time to take effort to reach out and connect.
I used to feel I was disconneted from fire that it was an unknown element to me .
Then I realized , NOT !
First off I am a morning person , I love the morning greeting of Grandfather Sun ☼ . That element so strong which is in fact a great burning ball of , yep , fire ☺
I think how special fire has been throughout history , how people were designated the carrier of fire , being able to transfer embers from long distance in order to rekindle that which provided warmth , helped cook meals etc.
The stories of leaving the lamp lit for passers by or lighthouses providing guidence for ships passing by .
This time of year where the sunlight is returning , growing , new life sprouts up via this extended light .
So perhaps it is the time of year in which fire rituals should be occuring & fire acknowldged .
Then we have the fire we create ourselves keep buring within ourselves , how often have we heard the saying , be a light , the light within etc.
Natural fire can also be very wild , out of control , destructive . Here in our rpovince we have them already begun , fires from the effects of drought last yr smoldering in peat bogs have begun to rise up creating much havoc .
Yet also there is at times benefit of even such great a fire . Old growth forests that burn naturally , often need this in order for life to continue .Certain types of Pine need the effects of fire to help the seed open and begin growth . Blueberries thrive a few yrs after the fire and scorched areas make excellent picking grounds for wildwlife .
I love fire the fire we make using mathes or other means , controled fire . When I began to think and see all the ways in which I utilize fire , I see how this is such a part of my life .
I often burn sage , the 2nd direction I pray to each say is the South . And yes I identify it with the Sun of the South and great strength .

I love my personal prayer spaces where I always have my morning fire .

I often make special bundles or sticks I offer to the fire
It is a great element that helps in banishing , getting rid of really bad stuff.

I often place a pot on during ritual to be used for the blessing of sticks etc.

The little tiny candle that respresents soft healing light

Candles which help create sacred space

Using Candles for sacred ceremony to honour ancestors

Candles which help in special prayers bringing those prayers to be fullfilled .

Fire is also a great element of community , helping bring others together , to share and partake in sacred time , feeding time , think birthday candles , camp fires , the sweatlodge etc.
I wish I could find the book Water, Wind, Earth & Fire: The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements
because I love the descriptions of the elements in this book I'd love to copy out the section on fire for you but I don't have a copy of the book here .
I think I've given many examples though in which one can find , connect and form relationship with Fire .
My suggestion is start with the most natural form , Sun . sit or stand in the morning facing East . open your hands , say a blessing , welcome Grandfather Sun . feel his rays upon your cheeks , soaking into your whole being , lighting you lietrally . coming alive with the day , walk the rest of the day with the light within you , helping sustain you as you go . As you meet others , pass on that glow .Put it into your work , your meals etc. Then let your light set , rest at the end of the day .
This is the best and most natural way to honour and connect I think .
Pray and think on how fire can teach you , you will come to have your own methods & rituals .Just like animals or plants or humans the elements are our teachers and meant to be respected . You will form your own relationship and it will be unique and beautiful for you .
So thats about it . Can't think of much more to add .
May Fire be with You
ps. my spell check has disappeared so I apologize I can't do any editing .

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