Thursday, March 29, 2012

PBP Letter G ~ giggles

Letter G ~ giggles

Yep thats right giggles , good little elfy chuckles that warm you up and help you feel all glowy inside .
giggles are magick because they are contagious . Sometimes we giggle just like that for no reason and often that is what I like to call a fairy giggle . The good little watchers know when we need a good giggle its almost like a soft tickle .
I've had such a hard serious week , even the Winnipeg weather has been so bleak with snow , rain and endless cloud cover .
So as usual I was wracking my brain at what letter G word I chose .
Last night it came to me , as I sat at my dd25 kitchen table . She too is overworked and tired , the end of winter always drags people to the depths of drudgery . Well we just started gabbing and who knows why a topic comes up as we just go from random thought to another .
Then she mentioned the dream . That was it , we both just began our giggle fest , where tears come .
I journey much in dreams and have no problem remember them as they are so vivid . Often they are serious but other times extremely entertaining and yes provide many a giggle .
So the dream that triggered the laugh was actually from a quite serious dream in which I was having to protect children and get them out of the University for some reason . at the end of the dream I provided with the means to do so . I began to gag on something , an alien being coming forth from within me I was slowly gagging it up from deep within , up through my throat until it popped out of my mouth into my open hand that awaited it .
There it was the tool that would allow me to protect children that ever wonderful multi coloured magickal haky sack ! yep , who knew , after that it was a breeze to leave the building . great holy haky scak thank you thank you .Lol
so while we remembered that dream and were laughing I remembered the dream I'd had where I was at some family dinner with everyone round the table it was like a Thanksgiving or something because we had extra family members and feasty type food. Typical conversations and then someone asked me the name of my pet gerbil . I opened my mouth and his name came out , only not in English or any other language people might recognize . nope think the language of the Bushman in Africa . yes the clicky language ! It is not sound unfamiliar to me because as a child I would always talk this way . but in my dream I'm an adult me , saying this to my family . his name is click click coo coo clack . ( you can try saying it by clicking your tongue too if you like lol  ) They all looked at me and said " what ?" I repeated his name my sweet little gerbil click click coo coo clack . They still did not get it . So I very frustrated let out a sigh and said " well okay if you really can't pronounce it you can also call him Sam " !! I awoke laughing it was such a fun dream .
Last week I had a dream a big sink hole developed in our bathroom , it was really big and went all the way down to the basement . This wasn't unusual for this time of yr. many people apparently get these sink holes come spring especially in the bathroom . ( lol this really does happen big time to our roads Winnipeg is known for its spring pot holes ) so I found a company in the yellow pages that fixed these sink holes . I called them up but the man said to me " well have you removed the books yet because we won't fix it if the books are still there " I told him to wait I'd have to check . Well sure enough when I opened the door there was the hole totally filled up with books ! My dream ended with me & our ds Dacotah taking wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of books out of the house .
I love laughing & laughter , fun giggles .
the pic up top is my grandson and I on International Fairy day , we had such a great time .
 I've had rainbow gathering on my mind alot lately and the return to hippy earth mama for awhile rather then serious shaman woman is in order I think or at least remember fun hippy earth mama and find that balance again .
I didn't realize how much of that giggle time had left til it returned and I love it !
We need some fun & light in this place again invite those fairies to help out a bit too
I think giggles are a great start
I'm thinking bubble giggles and sending out the bubbles to float away and carry giggles for others  .
Let us all remember to pass on magick giggles
and no poking like on fb only light feather elfy giggles remember ☺
giggle away my friend , giggle away


  1. They are the best kind of giggles, I love to hear children giggle.

    Rachel x

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