Friday, March 23, 2012

Shaman Belt

Yep , this is my latest project
and not a picture Lol
I saw a Shaman's belt in the museum a few months back . Who knows how I ever missed noticing it but I did .
It was wooden with fabric wrapped round it and of course from it hung items belonging to the shaman .
kind of makes me mad , such a personal thing why is it no longer with the family ? was it not passed on to anyone ?
Anyway I've had this in my head just like my ghost dance dress. A belt is much easier beleive me .
I'm making mine out of wood 4 types . Willow , Birch , Grapevine & Bittersweet .
I will then wrap this in leather moose hide . Then hang my spirit items from this belt .
Pieces of all the trees I work with , bone , herbs etc. I'm thinking saint medals and milagros too .I may also hang a midsize medicine bag too .
if you want to see one modern day version on the shaman belt take a look here I really like the idea of just punching holes in an actual regular everyday belt. I think I need to be a bit more crafty ;-)
So that is it for now .I'm off on Sunday to collect the spring woods to start ☺ 

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