Monday, March 19, 2012

Shamanism & psychoactive plants ~ yet again

Yep that is my dh guitar case full of Psilocybe cubensis from Palenque MX
I once again had the whole issue of psychoactive plants ( I wrote earlier about this )  and shamanism come up yet again .
The whole issue of people following the group just because compared to true community .
Then we have to face it some just get together for the sake of fun nothing to do with receiving spirit at all or having that spiritual journey .
In working with spiritual properties of a plant the use will not always be that of consumption .
I think this is what the reminder was for me .
We are not to relive the past as many who are searching or lost often do but rather remember , for good memory , to pass on tradition and also remembering lessons learned what not to do is just as important as the what to do , perhaps even more so in order to be true to self & spirit is knowing true discernment of what is not for us .
So the whole issue of the why people often fall into they should do something just because others are doing it came up for me yet again .
I am convinced many who are using flying ointments and psychoactive plants via consumption should not be .
Especially alone not under supervision of a true elder expereinced .
This came up of course in the whole issue of my student I dropped a few yrs back persueing this route claiming to be when one is not .wanting escapism rather than being and dealing with life issues that really need healthy guidence and councelling rather than going off on some trip of denial .
I remembered how as shaman we experience and trust and wait for affrimation rather than hear of expereince of another then it supposedly happens to us .
I watched the dvd The Edge of dreaming and it really hit home for me .How many times what we think is perhaps a shamnic expereince or vision is just our connecting well with our intuitive side . For the shamnic vision will at times be based on reading a person but often , more so it is vision given by spirit that has nothing to do with knwoing someone until we meet them later etc. spiritual expereinces encountering shadows , forewarning , what herb or tree to harvest etc. is always given to me before the knowing , if that makes sense .
Patience is key , being able to not jump up and go blindly into something is not the shaman way .
So I just prayed on the why these psychoactive plants were coming to me .
The memory of our hippy days , our stay in Palenque came back to me , to remember . dh took part , he dried the mushrooms , made tea & consummued them .
I did not . I was in my journey already , accepting who I was . I also knew there were children around . I cared for our dd and the children of others .
I was reminded by my teacher I already have the gift of sight , of walking between world .
I need not go off following trends or others .
Again I am reminded also how I must pray for those who are in danger those who are chosing to use these who should not be .
As a soul keeper I guess that is my job ☺
I can't say dh was wrojng to try these mushrooms , he is so very different than I . He does not suffer from addictions , he did this with others to have fun , play music etc.
It is not wrong but he is different than I . I would not beleive these should be used by me just to have fun . I'd rather have fun by helping the farmer tend to his work rather than go out in his field and pick mushrooms .
I would beleive that if anyone is to use this mushroom the peoples of the area who have lived there for thousands of yrs. are the ones to use them if they do at all , and they would have true purpose and intent on the why and how to use them . I can't believe that the whole Mayan community women and children would all use these mushrooms . I don't even know if their shamans would use them .
In reading about tribes within the Amazon there is a group they meet only once per yr all the tribes and then some not all use a plant in their celebration ritual . They do not use it all yr. long just that one time per yr.
So purpose and intent are just very important to me .
am I to serious ?
I just really beleive I am not meant to use these plants via consumption It takes alot of strength at times not to jump in just for the sake of fitting in .
 I wrote earlier about the looking up shamanism online in my area. I just wanted to connect with others and share , grow together . Well of course there is a workshop where one can take to become a shaman ! Hundreds of dollars , no free sharing , no connecting . Oh and if you want you can also take a drum workshop and buy a drum so you'll have one for the shman workshop .
So what of the people who really are shmans but do not have money , what about people being certified who actually are not shamans ?
One woman emailed me , not knowing me saying I should not call myself a shamna unless I'd taken the workshop and I would have a community . etc. The arrogance ! she had no idea who I am , how does she know I do not have community lol because I haven't taken a shaman workshop with some newagey person trying to be important and make a buck I'm not a shman ?
My teacher told me , that is it , you are who you are start believing it and call yourself shaman !
I feel so very blessed because in my being patient I've connected with such beautiful people especially healthy women who share , who give openly .
I went on this past Saturday and connected with the Indigenous gardening mentor and a wonderful group of equally beautiful people .The expereince which I'll post on our other blog .
So here I am , me the shaman ( or rather midewikwe is the term I am becoming more comfortable with ) who does not use psychoactive plants to receive vision but rather I respect the plant for the teacher they are . Honour and respect a plant , animal etc. just as we would a human and they will teach us , show us the purpose of our relationship with them .

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