Monday, March 12, 2012

True Spirituality ~ Freely Given

This topic always comes up for me . That is the issue of the financial cost of spirituality.
The issue of me wanting to take courses , join groups , and belonging .
It almost brings up the topic of money . Which reality is I do not have oodles of money .
We are not poor or even low income but with only one income and raising a family bills & food come first.
Even in homeschooling I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on product. When the kids take courses we've had to pick and chose .Swimming is a must because we live near and access the lake always. ds16 is becoming a swim instructor the courses get increasingly more costly the higher up he gets . So our money goes to that which is truly needed .
spirituality is my work . Yet almost all being offered now is asking people for money.
It never fails there is always something I wish I could attend , join get connected with others.
Lately it is shamanism . I've no doubt this is where I'm being led now .
Just like anything I found some great courses online some really fantastic blogs too.
Yet most charge money !
For me my spiritual growth has rarely cost a thing in terms of monetary value . That is also why I tend to be a tad sceptical of places offering to help others turn into a witch , shaman , intercessor etc.
for one thing it leads to have holes where those who are lost and longing to belong to enter .It leads to greedy people wanting to be someone high up and make money have advantage over others.
I often feel so isolated in my journey , in my work that I like anyone search out others like me .
Yet I know deep down I do not have the funds to take any course .
 I also already know I am who I am and what is  meant to be given will come .
I rarely buy books I access the library .
I've had all my teachers come freely too.
This past autumn I felt I really needed another spiritual director. I've gone 4 yrs without one .
Yet someone who values me as student but that I too am also teacher .
The last teacher I had was very good when in his own transition but then bam came ego and off he went in search of praise from crowds and yes money is involved .
I am so thankful I listened to spirit and did not follow .
So as I prayed .I actually connected to an acquaintance friend I've had on fb for 3 yrs now . we connected via aboriginal spirituality.
I felt very much called to walk with Blessed Kateri this yr. and answer the pipe, drum and ghost dance .
 within a month I learned the church wishes to canonize Kateri this yr.
I then learned my new teacher is actually from my own province . She just lives out of province , she is a teacher and I just am so blessed . 
 She shares freely and asks nothing of me except my being a devote student . I can hardly wait to hug her , sit with her , share , listen & learn .
I had been looking at all these ridiculous shaman courses online and yet know deep down it was falsehood for me . So I sit in prayer and keep doing my thing .
Sure enough there it was a whole weekend for free and connecting again to beautiful women , sharing Aboriginal heritage and knowledge

3 wonderful days of beautiful women , sharing , caring growing in inspiration.

As a family we want more and more to move onto our land yet we have no funds to do so yet .
Again for all the good money could help us , what has been given has been such a blessing . I got into our local grow local conference for free. Many First Nations peoples attended . It gave me hope and new ideas to go on and share with our community .
I met a beautiful spiritual elder at the grow local event . Audrey Logan . I attended her workshop at the Moon Voices gathering !
She helps others learn traditional Indigenous gardening , all for free or barter .
If I do offer eventually any workshops or courses they will be freely given , sharing to help not to gain my own self satisfaction .
So I've no doubt when the time comes for my drum & pipe it will take a lot of effort and work , perhaps even times of isolation but if it is truly meant to be , I will find them and it shall not involve that which would break my family nor steal from another or use another .
I am so extremely grateful and humbled . trying not to feel shame at how I go off searching but rather realize this is how I learn lessons in patience & discernment .
Lol I can hardly wait but know I have to ;-)

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  1. So interesting - I was just thinking about this today. I understand, since I do make a little money once in a while from my spirituality, that it is often a fair exchange, but I also give a lot of stuff for free - and that creates even more of a balance.

    When I first discovered paganism, I worked for a shop that sold pagan products and offered workshops that required payment to attend (minimal amount) but also had a free moon ceremony every month.

    Now I find that so many people are making a business out of their spirituality - and by this I mean that they do not give ANYTHING away for free and when they do charge it is what I consider outrageous fees. This makes me sad.

    I do think that if we want our teachers available to us, we have to support them otherwise they will have to go work somewhere else and not be able and available to help us. But there should always be things available without charge. This should not be a business, but a service in which the teacher is paid, but also gives some things away. In other words, a fair give and take.

    That's just my opinion...others may have a different one...